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  1. Thanks man that will save me alot of money.
  2. I was riding with the owner of the dealer that sold it to me he is helping out as much as he can.
  3. I asked the local shop and they said only 10-11 will work. 12 are different. I just dont want to buy a 11 and have it not work.
  4. Thanks guys for the replies. There is no warranty on it. Its only about a inch down but half mooned the housing with a chuch off. Anyone know if a 10-11 crankcase fits?
  5. I have a 2012 Yamaha yzf 450 with the clutch boss housing broke off. Is it worth welding the crankcase or just buying a new one.
  6. Does a 10-11 Yamaha yzf 450 crankcase work for a 2012 yamaha yzf 450?