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  1. Do both. I have 3 sets of wheels for my bike. DOT knobbies dirt knobbies and 17 inch supermotos..
  2. Bubba125

    Charging problem

    Found this last night. This is the plug on the wires coming out of the stator.
  3. Bubba125

    Charging problem

    I'm not sure about too much load. I only have the headlight,taillight and cooling fan.
  4. Bubba125

    Charging problem

    Thank you Ud_Luz.. I'll try this as soon as I can.
  5. Bubba125

    Charging problem

    So my guess is that my stator is on its way out.
  6. Bubba125

    2013 500EXC Engine Failure

    80 to 100 hours. Always serviced properly. I have a very good relationship with my local Ktm dealer.
  7. Bubba125

    Charging problem

    Stock stator output is only 45w? I thought it was 100w for some reason. The bulb I'm using is a 2100 lumen h7.
  8. Bubba125

    2013 500EXC Engine Failure

    I have an 09 400 xc-w that dropped a valve and ate it self. No over rev and valves where in spec. Now it's a parts bike.
  9. Bubba125

    Charging problem

    Ok fellow orange cool aide kids I have a problem. I upgraded my head light to the Pmxtec one and now if the light is on the stator won't charge the battery. Bike is a 2012 500 xc-w with a 120 hours on it. Mostly street, I have it tagged and a set of supermoto wheels.
  10. Bubba125

    New 500, blown motor.

    Sounds like you should have kept the 2012.