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    starting issues

    Hello, My name is alex and i am new here. I hope this is going in the correct section. I have a 1988 suzuki sp 125 which from what i am reading on here is the same thing as a dr 125. I just pulled it out from hibernation for a few years and now trying to get it to run. I couldnt find the key so i bypassed the ignition cyliner so i just have to use the kill switch for the bike. I checked the oil in the bike and added some more since the motor does have a leak in it. I just realized i didnt check the plug to see if it still good or not. But when i try to start it i get spark via my nifty inline spark viewer thingy that i bought at the auto parts store. its not a bright blue its more of a reddish orangish color. not sure if this is the problem or not. But i sprayed a little starting fluid in the carb kicked a few times and nothing. kicked again and a little back fire. kicked some more nothing. I was just wondering if anyone has any guidance on how i can get it to start again so i can ride it?