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  1. more beer for brian...? LOL
  2. i have heard of guys putting a 250cc kit in and giving it so much grunt they used it for trials i figured it'd been run low on oil but also it shouldn't be using oil unless it had a hell of allot of miles on it
  3. oh no, i have not been an active member for quite a while (well over a year) and am sorry to hear that i hope he is doing well
  4. not sure maybe try this: http://www.cyclewizard.net/contact/
  5. he is a member send him a "PM" or google his website he gave me a good quote for a full 1 of a kind hand built engine!! (i just need to save) with loosing my old job and being unemployed for 2.5years im finally working again but have now bought a house so funds are tight again
  6. i just love the way u write "fart whistle" with such conviction im seriously ROTFL
  7. coil stator spark plug/lead
  8. cloverleaf from "CW" will allow higher compression without ping on low octane fuels as it increases the efficiency in which the fuel/air mixture burns
  9. maybe try raising ur forks in the "T" to drop the front end a little (can help)
  10. i had a "staintune" on my piggy with a stock header and K&N air filter (on rd only bike) desnorkled and holes drilled in the side cover (with correct jetting) and it was awesome!!
  11. found this in the what did u do yo ur piggy thread:
  12. easier to shed a few kilo's urself than worry about the bike! i always buy X-ring chains (better the chain the better!) i even adapted a 520 X-ring to my bitzer Wr250/chineese 230 bike thingy lol
  13. kinda like what my old RR did, broke some teeth off the clutch basket and flicked the timing chain off @ WOT in 2n'd and valving too LOL im not good with engines and had mine rebuilt cost me $2K!
  14. thats cool plenty of power in a quad but in a smooth and tractable delivery, rode 1 of tho's Suzuki EFI 400's and that was too snappy what happened to the crf? run it out of oil? i had a 150 many moons ago and just beat on it over and over for years, was still mechanically like new when i sold it. my old man is tired of breaking bones now and has settled onto a hopped up 230 with BBR air filter, full exhaust, CDI and the carb mod, billet raised and adjustable triple tree and its a great little thumper, anything we should keep An eye on?
  15. perhaps u wore the splines on the sprocket and the shaft was left unscathed because the sprocket material was softer and hence fore wore more?