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  1. 488hybrid

    crf450r motor won't fire after rebuild

    i got it! i'm and idiot i had pulled the stator out when i polished the cases and did not put it back in correctly and it was firing way past tdc! thanks for all the help! and just so you guys know, that 510 kit is pretty sick!!
  2. 488hybrid

    crf450r motor won't fire after rebuild

    been over this motor 4x now timing is dead on all marks line up its at top dead center valves all in spec went thru the carb. 3x new plug gets excellent spark plug is wet with fuel!!!! what am i missing? i kick it over and over and wont do anything till i pump throttle 3x then kick it bout 5 more times and i get a 14 inch flame out the pipe! i tried to bump start several times same thing nothing till i pump the throttle and boom a loud pop out the pipe! this isn't my first time timing a bike or quad.
  3. i have a 2005 crf450r. i had an issue with a cracked case so i tore the motor down with only 5hrs on it. put all the internals in the new cases put all back together and now it wont fire! ill kick it over only to get a backfire out the pipe every now and then. i rechecked the timing 3 times, its getting brite blue spark and getting fuel. what gives? i dont know what else to do!