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    Need to drain my bike for transport.

    Awesome. Thanks! It is that screw. Cool. I have that same break-out diagram in the SM I have. But it's not nearly as fully labeled as that one. The diagram in this book only goes up to 32. lol
  2. guice

    Need to drain my bike for transport.

    It's an SM. That's one of my original questions: uh, what screw is the drain screw? Is it that one right above the throttle screw? That's been my problem: no book clearly labels the drain screw. Without a mechanic pointing it out, I'm just making an assumption -- and I don't want to just go around loosening random screws. So, even up to 35lb before breaking through, it sounds like I should be under 300 already. Plus, I can toss the battery to save another 5lb. It's shot, and no shop on island has one that will fit. Meaning, I'll have to get it state-side to get a new battery. I'll ask about this, but there's a problem with that--at least I'm told for imports: theft. Island locals aren't too shy about helping themselves to personal effects. Being a soft-top with no windows, I can't guarantee the safety of all my items.
  3. guice

    Need to drain my bike for transport.

    Thanks. There isn't really any requirement to drain anything. I'm just working out numbers to make the bike light to assist in getting work to pay for it. Work will only pay for 1 vehicle to be shipped (that'll be my Jeep Wrangler). So I'm working with the movers to include my bike into "household goods," and work gave me a 1050lb limit. I should be gtg, assuming the bike isn't too heavy. Dry weight lists at 263lb. Then add in weight of fluid (no clue what that would come to -- hoping sub 300).
  4. I'm moving my bike back state-side (from USVI). I need to drain it to get it ready for shipping. I can't seem to figure out how to drain the fuel (other than taking the entire tank off). I found this thread, but the video is so dark, I can't see where he's pointing to: http://www.thumperta...el-tank-on-drz/ Here's a clean shot of the area in question from the video. Is it that little bolt there just above the throttle screw? That bolt isn't labeled anywhere in the service or owner's manuals. Secondly, the manual explains how to change the oil; are there any other gotchas I should watch out for other than the "omg-put-the -screw-in-right" (bevel end up)? From my understanding, draining the fuel and oil should be sufficient for transport, right? I'm no mechanic (computer programmer), but I'm aiming to learn. Thanks.