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    Weight of 450cc e-start engines

    The rules do not allow 2 strokes in the competition unfortunately.. But I need dry weight, no carb, no throttle body, just the engine and transmission. I know this info is limited but if y'all could help me out or know any technicians at a dealer that would be great.
  2. Hey guys Im new to this forum but I am working on a Formula SAE project at school and we are planning on using a single cylinder engine less than 610cc in the car. I've been looking all over and calling around trying to find the exact weight of any of the relatively new 450 4-stroke engines and everyone or everywhere I look gives me different answers. For our requirements, we need to have an engine for competion around 60lbs. If anyone knows off the top of their head how much these engines weigh I would appreciate that a lot. Thanks, JJ