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  1. Fuse blew again.. guess ive got a wire touching somewhere
  2. The one above the battery is the one I replaced. Are there in line fuses on this bike?
  3. Replaced fuse. Lights immediately worked. Thought the bike shouldnt even start if fuse was bad?
  4. Haha yeah blinker fluid, I bet you get that at the same place you get prop fluid. (What the older guys sent all the new guys looking for at my old job) Ive checked all the connections under the seat and back. Guess I'll have to go get a multimeter. I've also heard the problem can come all the way from ignition switch also? This would have been a nice problem to have just before the winter season. Local shop kept muttering relay over the phone. Think theyre advice is worth doodly squat?
  5. Recently bought a 2000 drz400s with 2500 miles on it. Decent shape. I road it for about 2 or 3 days and then the entire rear light assembly decided to stop working. I have seen similar write ups on this but nothing exactly like my situation. I mean nothing, both brake switches do nothing with used, tail light doesnt come on blinkers don't work, even if bike is moved or wiring is jiggled around. Bulb looks fine. Doesn't matter if its running or just key on. No light to back what so ever. I have checked basically any wiring connections I could see. I have also checked both relays? (or fuses?) on top of the battery and those seem fine however I have been told they can be bad without looking bad? Front headlight and blinkers work fine, bright as you could ask for out of stock lighting, bike starts fine also. I noticed that it seemed to want to quit as soon as I hit the gas but I am guessin maybe it was just cold and im reading to much into it. Thought about checking loose grounds, because the roads in town are terrible. Also the guy who had it before me didn't have a plate on it so I am guessing he didnt both using the blinkers and such when he was riding it. AND I am actually missing a left blinker that was torn off by the previous owner during woods riding. Everything worked fine before though without the left blinker. Wiring is a little dirty and ofcourse features the usually electric tape here and there but doesn't look bad at all. Anyone have any suggestions? I am ok with doing minor mechanical work but not much of an electrician. I am trying to get by though because we only have 1 local shop and I am literally terrified by how little they seem to know.