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  1. halen16

    06 Husky Graphics files needed - Help

    i will take some graphics
  2. halen16

    Softer seat 04 tc450?!

    RIde How tall are ya if you dont mine me asking? Was the med /tall seat like night and day compared to the stock one
  3. halen16

    Softer seat 04 tc450?!

    bike pilot did you go with the tall one so it would be softer or did you want the hight also?
  4. halen16

    Husky 2007!

    i want black rims......i love that look!
  5. halen16

    Softer seat 04 tc450?!

    oh yeah any one have one for sale, or know where i can pick one up cheap. I cant wait to get rid of my Man Pad!
  6. halen16

    Softer seat 04 tc450?!

    cool thats what I think Iam going to go with!
  7. halen16

    Softer seat 04 tc450?!

    Has any one changed their seat/seat foam? I rode my friends husaburg and it felt plush! ANyone?......input please
  8. halen16

    My timing sucks

    good luck try ebay or motoxotica!
  9. halen16

    06 TE250 Exhaust Mod For Wicked Low End

    I dont know what i used, I started out small and went larger to the same size as the insert of the rivet.... ,,,,yeah buy a whole set...!
  10. halen16

    Modesto area

    I am looking for some where new to ride.......I go to CARNIGIE often and to PI PI valley.....any other sugestions?
  11. halen16

    check your oil level

    well alrighty then
  12. Cycra Stealth MX Handguards in black they are in great shape. I rather sell em to TT'er than on ebay.....up for trades too! pm me
  13. halen16

    check your oil level

    everone is freakin out about oil change.....i have an 04 tc450 and my friend has 05 250.......my bike i change the oil and filters and put in 1.4 I then checked the the level after warming the bike up and used the weep hole. This confirmed the "right amount of oil". my next change ,I will not need to use the weep hole. Why? because i know how much oil needs to go in... We did that same on the 05 tc450. DONE now get out in your garage and do it guys!
  14. halen16

    06 TE250 Exhaust Mod For Wicked Low End

    great mod i did my 04 tc450 ....freakin rips! thanks siambxr! http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/ssfp1gpen@sbcglobal.net/detail?.dir=1703&.dnm=bbde.jpg
  15. halen16

    check your oil level

    tmh I did the same on my 04' tc450 and called it good. I posted a lot of questions on oil changes and found that 1.4 is about the norm!? what kinda oil did you use?