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  1. I had to restring my rear wheel with all new spokes for the same reason.
  2. Not to hijack the thread but in my case (looks like the pic above) the previous owner did not replace the worn out chain slider and it created this headache. All for a $20 part, I have since replaced the one on my KX just as a prevent measure.
  3. I am going thru the same thing right now on a 2004 125. I suppose you could repair it but I found a used one on the bay to replace it yesterday and it seems the easier route..
  4. I went to change the chain guide and found where the chain had eaten into the pivot point exposing the bearing. Thought I should change it out, now I am wondering what is different between the CRF250 R and CRF250 X swingarms, different part # for the same year. Found a good one on Ebay but not sure the difference.
  5. I am rebuilding a 2004 CR 125 and discovered I need a new swingarm. I have used the search function and could not find exactly the answer to my question. Based on the cross referencing I have done on Bikebandit and especially Partzilla it says that a 2004 125 swingarm can also be replaced with a a 2004 thru 2009 CRF250 swingarm. Has anyone had experience with this? Thanks for any input.
  6. Found it a Partzilla.
  7. Does anyone have a cross reference for needle jet referenced in the Honda service manual? I need a 6DGY22-70 and I have searched high and low and that particular part # I cannot find. This is for the Mikuni carb on the 04 CR 125 for High Altitude.
  8. If he tries this then I suppose I could have left that wisdom out.......oh well.
  9. You need two things to get a machine going one is fuel and the other is spark. My simple way to check spark is to remove spark plug put it back into the connector and lay it against the engine. Use your hand to push thru the kick (there will be little resistance because the plug is out) and watch to see if your plug is sparking. I urge you to not hold the plug as it will give you a good shock.
  10. I am rebuilding a CR 125 and I am currently working on the water pump. It has a bad seal that needs replacing and I have tried everything I know to remove the impeller from the shaft. I even bent the 8mm Craftsman on the notch on the back side, do not want to screw up that part. Any advice? is the threads opposite of left loose? Thanks for any help as I have used the search function many different ways and cannot find anything that would help me.
  11. I am in Steamboat Springs I am wondering where that riding area is with Mt.Sopris in the background. That looks like the kind of dirt I like to ride.
  12. Did a general checkup of my KX 250 and tightened up any loose bolts from my last ride. Couldn't stand it anymore so I fired it up and rode it down the street and back which brought the neighbor out. He did not look that happy.
  13. 2008 CRF 250R