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    i put in a new battery and got nothing

    yes thought so ty
  2. jersey jim

    XL600R starting problems

    i picked up a mint 86 xl600r had no battery but i got it running like new in no time headlight works but nothing else i got a 4l battery, not a 3l, same amps and put it in turned key and got nothing batt is 12 volts fine on meter turn the key and it goes to 0 any help please
  3. i have a 1986 xl600r that has not been ridden since 1990 when my buddy had a stroke this bike is really mint for the 4k milkes, he took very good care of it he needs some money and asked if i can sell it for him i took the motorcycle to my house got it running in an hour runs perfect, drives like new but it had no battery so i bought one, not a 3 but 4 and made it fit fine turned the key and got nothing i did look at every wire, connection for problems and found nothing as it was untouched from factory like i thought i have a meter on battery 12 v fine turn key it goes to 0 any ideas or help where to look for problem? ty john