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  1. Bluelunatic

    Engine went out so 480 build thread

    Man, nothing but negativity. Pfft. It's your project, do as you see fit Taint.
  2. Bluelunatic

    Engine went out so 480 build thread

    So it spit a valve and that was the result?
  3. Bluelunatic

    Engine went out so 480 build thread

    I've been debating getting a 690 Enduro and converting it. I hear they vibrate a lot and KTM might be sunsetting that bike. I wouldn't mind having a bigger bike that fits my lanky 6'2". Good luck getting the head rebuilt! If you search my history you'll see that mine blew up 900 miles after I bought the bike. I got stranded for 7 hrs on my birthday and caught walking pneumonia. Then I sent the engine off to Eddie and got very very lucky. I was one of the last to get everything I paid for before he and Kevin disolved their shop.
  4. Bluelunatic

    Engine went out so 480 build thread

    Bummer TP. Its impressive to see you analyze and build a powerful DRZ. Have to ask if you've ridden a 2014 KTM 690, or the new Hypermotards? My brother still prefers my 434 SM over those more powerful bikes.
  5. Bluelunatic

    Just bought new DRZ

    Damn this train ride home and Tappa Talk. I didnt finish. Do the cheap stuff first to drop weight on the bike. Hack the helmet lock off, put a DRC tailight in, go with a lipo battery - I use the Moly brand. All that dropped weight off the subframe makes a noticeable difference. It's all about how much you like the feel of the bike. You'll never make it a big horsepower machine, no one can compared to the KTMs and the Ducati, but even those machines have issues. You will appreciate the gains you can make over time as you approach 50hp through mods.
  6. Bluelunatic

    Just bought new DRZ

    Used beaters go for $3,500 here in the SF Bay Area. You made a good decision. I agree with others here. Put 500-1,000 miles on it first. Then start in with a big bore, larger carb, MRD pipe, do the 3x3 airbox at that time.
  7. Bluelunatic

    DRZ 400s front blinker assembly? (Streamlined look)?

    I integrated the LED running lights in the head light as turn signals. They do not flash yellow, just white LEDs. Since this headlight is for looks only, I made the high beam an on and off switch for the two crappy front beams.
  8. Bluelunatic

    What are the best street tires for the SM?

    PR4's are selling for $188+tube (one shop won't mount it unless I buy a new tube). Of course if I buy them online then I have to pay a higher fee to get them mounted. Neither shop near me will mount if I purchase the tire somewhere else.
  9. Bluelunatic

    What are the best street tires for the SM?

    Can you guys confirm a Pilot Road 4 150-70-17 has no issues running on a tube setup for the street? I would imagine the height diff vs a 150-60-17 is negligable. I'm currently running 150-60-17 S20's and I burned through the rear in 4,000 miles. One of my tire installers balked when I told them I want a PIlot Road 4 mounted on a DRZ.
  10. Bluelunatic

    Tire Shopping... SM tires

    UPDATE I finally wore out the rear of my S20. I think I did 3,700 miles on it. About 110 of that was one track day at Sonoma. I think that's a cord starting to show.
  11. Bluelunatic

    OEM clutch friction plates and disks ?

    I just bought a replacement OEM Carb Boot. I tried to buy it here and use the price matching gaurantee, but TT still wanted a lot for shipping, so I passed. I got the OEM part here (20% off) with no shipping: http://www.motosport.com/. It arrived yesterday, 8 days after my order.
  12. Bluelunatic

    Guys...I think my Girlfriend is cheating on me

    Well my 4hr commute will be a work at home commute making twice the pay soon enough. I turned a contractor job into a salaried job with full benefits and twice the pay last year. I plan to move to Oregon to raise my daughter (3 months old) and work from home. I change groups within the company and I'll double what I'm making now into a six figure income. 1.5hrs on the train goes pretty quick. The rest is waiting around and getting a shuttle to the office. The Bay area blows. Silicon Valley is full of itself. I'm ready to get out of California after 40 years.
  13. Bluelunatic

    Guys...I think my Girlfriend is cheating on me

    Friendship has to be continually earned. It's not a birth right. When someone stops earning your friendship, then to hell with them. I choose to spend time with people that make me feel relaxed, connected, peaceful, and happy. If not, I rather spend that time alone. I prefer to ride with a friend or two and we like to stop, eat, and talk. My best friend out here started working weekends and I stopped riding. When we were both unemployed we rode all the time. Now we both work long hours (I have a 4 hour commute), have young children, and ride twice a year together. Life ebbs and flows and I just go with it. If riding was so important I would do it more on my own. Same goes for people. Some people just aren't worth it. Not worth your time, not worth your energy, not worth your a penny spent on them, and that's ok.
  14. Bluelunatic

    What are you putting on your racks?

    That's weird Kat, I thought you only put bra's on your rack.
  15. Bluelunatic

    Deceleration Popping

    I found the fuel screw setting on the FCR to be really sensitive. I richened mine up and 500 miles later got stranded with a bad spark plug that wouldn't fire. Mine didn't bog, but it was so rich I fouled a plug.