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  1. Yzfrider333

    Does an 01 yz125 cylinder fit on a 02 yz125?

    Thanks man
  2. I need to know because there is a good deal on eBay. Will it bolt right up no problem? Thanks
  3. If you have one let me know, or if you know where i can get one. Theres none on eBay and i just can't find one anywhere else and would like to get back on the track! Has to be straight not bent. Thanks for your help call/text 978 289 0336.
  4. I tweeked mine slightly to the right so looking for a new one. Im sure i could bend it back but i just simply dont have the proper tools. If you have a used STRAIGHT one let me know. If you ate interested in my old one let me know i will let it go real cheap