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    increase HP in midrange

    Forgive me as I am new to the DRZ and forums for that matter. Newbie! My question is this: I have recently bought a 2009 drz400s with 3000 miles. I am having a blast on it but notice a lack of power. I am running dual sport tires so the top end speed is not what I am looking for. I notice on the road doing say 30-50 I can increase speed but not as fast as I would like. Especially going up hills the bike just doesn't have the punch. I have seen Eddies post on the 50hp motor and it seems like an option. What do you guys suggest as far as replacement parts to get me the power where I want it? I have already done the 3x3 mod with the JD jetting. I did notice a small increase in power and a little more throaty noise but not nearly enough ummpphh. Cylinder Works big bore kit 39mm fcr carb kit or the 41mm carb? Hotcams stg1 in and ex MRD/SSW pipe ..... would a hot rods stroker crank and bearing kit make sense as well? would new upgraded intake and exhaust valves/springs make sense? New manual cam tensioner and or chain? Another concern is the exhaust. I live in a neighborhood where a really loud bike is not acceptable. I realize I might need to open up the exhaust by replacing the stock unit. Will I be able to get out of my neighborhood stealthly at low rpms with an aftermarket pipe and some or all of the above upgrades? Thanks in advance for any answers.