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  1. Thanks guys, Just finished work so I'll try the "backflush method" first and see how that goes. Again thanks for the help. Phil
  2. I've just drained all the brake fluid from the front caliper of my '99 WR400 and for the life of me can't get the bluddy thing to bleed properly. I fill the master cylinder (not to the top) then bleed the brakes as per the manual but can't even get any pressure up. The brake lever just goes full travel. Dunno what to do. Haven't had this happen before and any ideas/fixes would be a big help. Pip [ November 26, 2001: Message edited by: Pip ]
  3. I destroyed the front rim on my WR400f on the weekend. Took it down to a guy who's good with straightening out buckles today and he said he'd have a go but chances are I'd need a new rim. Do any of you guys that ride in Australia know of a company that does good deals on excel (or similar) rims? I'll need a couple of new spokes also but that shouldn't cost too much. A mate of mine can lace it for me. I buckled the front disk as well. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance. Phil
  4. Pip

    Fork alignment

    I too did the same thing yesterday. Forks have twisted in the clamps, buckled the rim and broke a couple of spokes. The rim shouldn't be too much of a problem to sort out but the fork alignment has got me a bit worried. Anybody got any suggestions?
  5. Pip

    Chain Lube

    I use castrol chain oil. Seems to really penetrate but picks up a lot of crap in dusty conditions. Generally soak chain in kero after a few rides to clean it up. I too have used a bit of WD-40 in the past but I've found the castrol stuff to give better chain life.