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  1. samman445

    New DR-Z 400sm Owner With A Few Questions

    Everybody on this forum is awesome! Thanks for the info Craigo. I've got the jet kit ordered and should get it later this week so I'm saving those settings. Still on the fence about shelling out the cash for the MRD system since it came with a slip on. But every time I look at it I nearly order it. If it gets me to a power level I'm satisfied with it could actually save me money by putting off the inevitable big bore kit!
  2. samman445

    Anybody do heavy lifting for races?

    This, This, This. If you are always doing the same lifts you aren't getting all of your muscles. If you usually use a bar, try free weights and vice versa. Also for bench press, try it at an incline or add military press. I'm also a firm believer in using your body weight so pull ups and push ups are a must.
  3. samman445

    New DR-Z 400sm Owner With A Few Questions

    That's definitely what I'm going with then considering it has a slip on and I may add a header. Any suggestions on what sizes I should start with? I'm at about 700ft here in Missouri. Makes me realize how convenient the fuel injection on my Triumph was. When I swapped exhausts I just plugged it in to my laptop and downloaded a new tune. But I like to tinker, and at least this a just a single carb to deal with.
  4. samman445

    New DR-Z 400sm Owner With A Few Questions

    That was a huge help. It looks like the hole was drilled but there isn't the extended screw. That makes me think some jetting was done at one time but it obviously needs to be re-done. Looks like everyone suggests the JD kit.
  5. samman445

    New DR-Z 400sm Owner With A Few Questions

    Nope, no brass cover there. Thanks for the pic too btw.
  6. samman445

    New DR-Z 400sm Owner With A Few Questions

    Where would this brass plug be on the Carb? I'll have time to open it up this weekend but if I don't have to that'd be great. Also, I'm starting to think it's simply the bike being cold. The only time it's really noticeable is on my commute which definitely isn't long enough now that the temp is in the low 60s in the morning. I'm just going to need to let it warm up longer. I'm gonna have to hold off on the new carb since I'm not planning on doing a big bore kit any time in the immediate future. That MRD exhaust is real nice and I've looked at it before. Excellent price for the build quality compared to every other full system. Thanks for all the help! ps. If anyone has any spare passenger pegs I would like them. Mine didn't come with any and I've already let down a few lady friends I promised rides to.
  7. Hello everyone, I just got rid of my Triumph Street Triple for a 2005 DRZ 400sm. While I miss the speed of the Triumph it wasn't helping me keep my license and to be honest, I have had more smiles per mile on the Suzuki. The bike is a 2005 with just under 7k miles but the real reason I bought it was the impressive shape it was in. The previous owner only put 700 miles on it after putting on some distanzia tires and was looking for something a little more freeway friendly. He told me the only other owner was a med student that only rode it a few miles to and from class. That original owner did a few modifications that are pretty nice: Protaper bars, Yosh slip-on (I have no idea which one, but it says "off-road" on it and makes some nice noises), and the 3x3 mod. Enough about the bike, time for my questions. 1. The 3x3 mod was obviously done but the previous owner covered most of it with duct tape because he "didn't need the power". When I removed the duct tape the bike has a little more throttle response but it doesn't want to maintain a constant speed. It's obviously a fueling issue so I'm thinking the guy opened the air box up but didn't jet it accordingly?. I've been spoiled by fuel injection so I could be way off. To describe it in terms of riding, the bike starts and idles fine, accelerates great but surges and runs rough at speed. It's like it only wants to be accelerating (fine with me, but not the local cops). Any ideas? 2. It has this slip-on but I would like a bit more power without spending too much. I've seen headers for sale but not Yoshi headers, Can I buy a different brands header without any problems? While I'm seriously tempted by all this big bore talk, I'm on a college student budget at the moment so I'm trying to stick to the sensible upgrades. I'm about to order the engine covers, levers, radiator guards and a good set of guards for the handlebars/levers (and maybe a new carb if there is any money left ). If anyone else has any ideas/suggestions let me know.