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  1. ^ I have a alpinestars gp plus jacket that breaths pretty well. Then again I live in socal where it never gets ridiculously hot. But I've definitely rode in 95+ heat for hours in it. With light long underwear for that matter. Saved my skin in one fall and one total so... its a pretty great jacket. In response to textile jackets shredding apart in slides, I think that's supposed to happen. Textile gear isn't supposed to hold up after a fall like leather. It supposed to flow a lot of air. And in the incident of a fall, shred into pieces (instead of your skin) and then you thank the maker (of the jacket ) and then buy a new one. Just my two cents... I don't ride with all my gear all the time but I do when I remember it. And if I ever go out for a real ride (not just commuting) I always wear full gear. Its just a stupid choice I make like occasional speeding, trying to touch knee on public roads, etc etc.