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  1. bigcal101

    2007 yz125 problem

    I have now had the counterhsaft seal replaced which is where the oil was leaking friom as well as replacing the gearbox oil. I only rode around the block but the sound seams to have gone now. However the clutch is still not fully engaging.
  2. bigcal101

    2007 yz125 problem

    okay thanks heaps. I'll give it a go
  3. bigcal101

    2007 yz125 problem

    will a worn clutch tend to make a ringing sound when the bike is running?????
  4. bigcal101

    2007 yz125 problem

    I was riding at a high alltitude but I have many times nefore and have never had this noise
  5. bigcal101

    2007 yz125 problem

    Hi. The other day when I was riding my bike it started making this unsusual echoy ringing sound. Similar to the sound your chain makes when it is not oiled. It was only noticebale when i revved the bike. This started about halfway through the ride. I have a leaky countershaft seal behind my front sprocket and a bit of oil leaked out during the ride. I thought the sound may be due to the lack of gearbox oil however I loosened the check bolt and oil came out so there was enough. I went on a couple of rides later in the day and at first the sound went away however about 5 minutes into the ride it came back again. Not sure if this is related but it is very hard to start the bike in gear with the clutch in. It feals as though the clutch isnt engaging properly. Also it sometimes feals like the clutch is slipping when I'm riding. Any help or advice would be much aprecciated. Thanks