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  1. chuggs

    2003 yz125

    I got told buy a local mx garage to go up a size on the pilot as I have a fmf exhaust on it that may help the problem.. I have ordered both a new one and a size bigger for all the cost.. I guess it's just illuminating all the possible problems
  2. chuggs

    2003 yz125

    The old pilot jet #40 is out and been replaced buy a #45 when it arrives hoping that sorts the problem
  3. chuggs

    2003 yz125

    I got the bike off a mate and he never put the exhaust on but it's been doing it since I got the bike maybe before.. I did sit in his garage for a good few months before I took it off his hands.. I hand stripped carb down and the needle is sitting at standard settings also checked the power valve was clear! Any other tips? I'm currently waiting for bigger pilot jet to arrive to try this...
  4. I am looking for some help from u guys. I am having trouble with my bike bogging on bottom end i have a full system fmf fatty gold series front pipe and fmf power core 2 short pipe back box, I have pulled out the carb and the jets that’s are in seem to be the standard ones, The main jets been #410 and the pilot jet been #40 but i believe there is 2 different size of pilots jets suit my bike one been 28mm long and the other been 14mm its the bigger one in my bike at present also wondered if i need bigger pilot jet than the #40 that in it now as i have upgraded the exhaust??[ Any help will be much appreciated