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  1. LOL with your attitude I can tell you are going to have many great encounters with the police... z
  2. zardoz

    Cleaning an "x-ring" chain?

    I agree with all of the above... but I don't understand no 4. Whats the logic behind this? z
  3. Used to ride an old Hodaka Combat Wombat, recently sold my 2 RD350LC's , yeah I know the RD's are streeters but a 2smoke street bike is a cool thing IMHO z
  4. zardoz

    Need some advice on what bike to buy.

    Perhaps you might look at a TW200? Not extremely powerful but road capable and handles trails and fields well. If you aren't doing the kind of riding that requires a motocross bike don't buy one. The TW has a practically bullet proof engine that will last many many miles. Just a thought... z
  5. zardoz


    Don't use toothpaste on your prescription lenses! Toothpaste is an abrasive and it WILL scratch your lenses... you may not notice it at first... but over time you will see swirly patterns from the tiny scratches. Now that I wear bi-focals and the Army doesn't pay for them... I'm MUCH more careful how I treat them. I've used anti fog products but like some others here I sweat a lot (side effect from the oxycontin I need to take) and the anti fog doesn't last long enough to warrant it. I'm going to be watching this thread as I'd like to find a good solution also. The WORST place I've found to keep my glasses clean is out on the ocean ... (yeah I know that's not too likely on a bike) salt water turns your lenses into a smudgy bleary mess that you simply can NOT see through... I'm looking for a solution for this situation as well as I plan to buy another sailboat next spring. z
  6. I really like this one! I sure wish it was DOT or SAE rated tho The 22 watts power rating is PERFECT for my application. Anybody know where I can get a DOT rated LED headlight? z
  7. zardoz

    rip off BRITAIN !

    Why are you being a dick? I see no issue with mrshells giving a shout out to a company that served him well and saved him money. But you are right... the forum is running out of room and we simply can't abide someone using up precious space to tell folks they found a better deal... sheesh! Good on ya mrshells, if the big corporate vendors see enough of us insignificant CUSTOMERS spending our hard earned money elsewhere maybe... just maybe they will take the hint someday. z
  8. zardoz

    Made a Bike Stand for my kid

    Dam I'd love to have access to some REAL shop gear (especially that plasma CNC you've got there.. looks like you've got a heck of a nice place to work). I like the "personalized" touch you added by putting your sons name and number on it... gives it a PRO look that you know others will be envious of. z
  9. zardoz

    Imagine these tires on a dirt bike.

    Check out the "Twheel" http://ibnlive.in.co...e/87888-25.html http://www.8thcivic.com/forums/wheel-tire-upgrades/36110-twheel-see-through-michelin-tires-not-joke-merged.html z
  10. zardoz

    painted my motor

    I do as well, for this reason I don't paint my engine as I'd hate to see my hard work get messed up when I clean my engine. I DO however like the look of a painted engine... if it could be done (for reasonable cash and effort)... I'd powdercoat my engine cases. The painted covers on my TW were done by the po/builder. OP I think you did a great job on your engine! z
  11. LOL ya know I think I'm gonna put one on my street bound TW250, it would make a nice effect on my custom bike! So long as I don't fire it up in view of a policeman My bike has won a "judges choice" award at a local bike show, I'm doing some more mods to the bike and I think I might enter it into another show or two next summer if I'm happy with what I've done. z
  12. zardoz

    YZ250F "Bulletproof" Story

    Nope, not kidding or trolling. The po/builder did a great job on the modifications.. I just kinda wish he had opted for an engine with a more forgiving maintenance schedule. z
  13. zardoz

    Numb hands?

    To help with this problem in the past I've installed "thicker" grips (larger diameter), not sure if it helped because of the larger diameter and/or the additional "padding" offered by the thicker grips. I've yet to "re-grip" my latest bikes.. but it will likely happen soon. z
  14. zardoz

    Power valve questions

    I sold 2 1986 RD350LC's this spring... neither one of them had power valves. The power valves were ONLY installed on the RZ350's here in Canada... are you sure you don't mean RZ's and not RD's? z
  15. zardoz

    paraplegic rider

    Pararider you are an inspiration! Years ago I broke my back while I was in the army, it has to be noted that I am NOT paralyzed in any way. But that doesn't mean I wasn't nervous about getting on a bike again... I WAS scared of further injury. I let my mind convince me that riding was a BAD idea for me.... What a mistake! I couldn't have been more wrong. Last year I bought my first bike in 27 years and man does it feel GOOD to ride again! I've since sold the RD350LC that got me back into riding... I don't regret selling her tho.. I'm just NOT into 2smokes like I was as a kid. I'm a street rider who will trail ride if the opportunity presents itself and I'm on a bike that will handle it. Does anyone know if a rider can have a blue placard for a bike? z