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    I ride all day long! My butt's kinda sore now...
  1. Branden_250X

    How to deal w/ Bike Size?

    Haha, I only post at night usually. Between school and sports, riding is on the weekend.
  2. I recently got a 2012 CRF250X for my birthday. (I'm 14, woohoo.) My problem is, the bike is a touch too big for me at the moment, and even when I lean, my feet just touch with my toes flat. That may not be a problem for some, but I'm not as experienced with bigger bikes. Can anyone give me some tips on how to 1.) Turn around very sharply (thick trails) and 2.) Not get into trouble with my legs not being quite as long as I wish just yet. Thanks
  3. Branden_250X

    I finally got it!

    Thanks Jim. My inseam is 32" so my toes lay flat on the ground. I still pick through the woods on my 80. Next week is in-service at my school (2 days off) so maybe my dad and I can work on it then. This thing rips already, so I don't think I'll be doing any engine mods until next year. EDIT: I've been riding for a little over four years, to answer your question. Started with a clutch, and never knew anything else!
  4. Branden_250X

    I finally got it!

    I'm totally loving it! From an 80 to a 250 is a big jump, but I have over 40 miles on it now and I'm having a blast. The suspension is great, I barely feel anything. I was getting paranoid from riding my friend's 230, which has terrible suspension in my opinion. Will keep you guys updated on any problems and more awesomeness!
  5. Branden_250X

    I finally got it!

    Okay thanks. The manual has like 20 different things to check before each ride, which I would do if I were racing, but I'm just riding around my property.
  6. Branden_250X

    I finally got it!

    Today I finally received my new 250X that I've been asking questions about all two weeks! I put 24 miles on it and a couple hours, and even hit a few jumps I'm loving this! What should we check now that I've broken it in?
  7. Branden_250X

    "Freestyle" Trail riding!

    My friend and I do it a lot. My property dips downward from two sides to a creek, so there are a lot of streams to cross along the way. The worst situation ever, though, was the other day when we made it all the way to right below the road/exit, and we couldn't get up and out. Our front wheel would pop up and over this log embedded in the ground, but then our back wheel would spin in the loose dirt. The exit was RIGHT THERE.
  8. So I don't know if this is popular with many people in the dirt bike world, considering I'm a small town kid who rides with one or two friends on my own property. But anyway, what I'm referring to is, basically making your way through the woods without a specific trail to follow...Does anyone do this? And can anyone suggest some techniques to keep me for getting stuck so often?!
  9. Branden_250X

    CRF80F Tires...

    Thanks! Turns out, my tube was just screwed over. I have had the bike for 3 years, ridden regularly, and never gotten new tubes.
  10. Branden_250X

    Question on specs..

    Okay thanks guys!
  11. Branden_250X

    Question on specs..

    I was one Honda's website, looking at 250X specs and I noticed two that I hadn't heard of before. Rake, and trail...what are these? Should I care about them? Remember, I'm only 14, so I am a novice, by far.
  12. Branden_250X

    09/07, 1:02am

    I don't get it...
  13. Branden_250X

    CRF80F Tires...

    I am going to move up to a 250X as soon as the shop gets it in, but I'm still riding my old 80 for now. The problem is, the tires go flat WAY too often! Why? I will ride once a week and get a busted tube like every 3 weeks!
  14. Branden_250X

    Where to ride and clubs to join near Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

    Anyone heard of Mason Dixon Riders Association? My friends have gone there twice, but I still haven't had the chance. I live in Greene County, by the way. Pouring down rain at the moment
  15. Branden_250X

    Anyone Ride With Music In?

    I don't see how I would, considering the amount of branches over my trails. Even if I tuck the wires into my shirt, my neck often gets scratched and the wires would just rip in half. Besides, I love hearing my bike's engine and the stuff that it throws up in the roost.