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  1. Alright thanks! Also is the single all sand like the rest of the trails?
  2. Hey man ive never rode the single track there and i think i wanna try it any tips? And good riding
  3. Alright thanks bro and how can you tell when the clutch plates are bad
  4. Alright thanks man what are some good ways to get alot more torque out of my bike? Im running 14t front, 52t back, and an 18 inch rim Havent got to ride it with the new sprockets yet but do you think that would work good for woods?
  5. So it really doesnt matter wich one i get?
  6. Yeah i can get it bored for free or very cheap but im out of sleeve it measures 60mm across would it be as easy with a liquid cooled? And how could i keep the sleeve from spinning around or moving while riding?
  7. Whats the difference between steel and fibers
  8. Im in like central michigan that might be a possibility later on if i get good at it
  9. How much does that usually cost to replace?
  10. Do you know how long it takes to get it re sleeved?
  11. Also im only 13 so i have a hard time with saving up enough money to buy good gear and fix my bike right now and my parents wont pay for any of it any ideas on how to get money
  12. Thanks alot guys helped alot!!!! Also i recently blew my bike up and need a new cylinder anybody have one? Or know anybody that has one? If you do let me know!!
  13. Ive been wanting to get into motocross for a long time now and i think i wanna try but i dont really know everything i need to start all i got right now is a 1994 yz 125 not much but its something would i be able to race such an old bike?
  14. Post the pictures and videos of your backyard mx track
  15. Akright thanks for the help