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    Jetting issues

    Is the screw your talkin about the silver flathead screw with ridges around the edge on the front left side of the carb just below the choke? Ive been messing with it and its doesnt seem to do anything..im pretty sure if this were the right screw i would need to pull it out ti fix my prob, does this sound correct? My bike idles fine with choke on but when i turn it off it idles really low and does in about 4-5 secs
  2. BarDown57

    Jetting issues

    So I just got done throwing a 2007 crf250 engine in my 2005 crf250 and, as someone on here called, the jetting is off i guess due to the larger carb. It starts ok doesnt backfire has maybe a little sputter, but when i turn off the choke and try to idle it would only idle for 5-10 seconds before it dies but will stay running if I give it a bit of gas. My question is does this sound like a jetting issue and by the sounds of it what would I have to do to correct this (larger/smaller jet?? I literally have no clue about anything that has to do with jetting). Any help would be great thanks.
  3. BarDown57

    2007 engine in 2005 CRF250r

    Cool thanks guys! what indicators will there be if my bike needs rejetting? I know its always a good idea to check the spark plug but is there anything else I should look for?
  4. BarDown57

    2007 engine in 2005 CRF250r

    Okay so I found one other forum relating to this but it seemed people were split on the answer so I'm gonna try again. I recently blew my engine in my 2005 crf250r and the crank destroyed my case and jugs and about everything else it possibly could have, so instead of rebuilding my engine I'm buying an almost complete new one (less than 6 hours) from someone I know. Only problem is the engine is out of a 2007 crf250 so I was wondering a few things. 1. Will it bolt up all the same or is there any major adjustments I will have to make to get it bolted in? 2. Will the carb I have be alright and if so will I possible need to rejet? 3. I'm pretty sure the 07's were dual exhaust and my 2005 is not so will I have an issues with that? Any help I can get will be greatly appreciated Im just trying to make sure this engine will work before I fork out 1500 for it.