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  1. LED flash relay is not water resistant
  2. You do not understand The method does not require resistors connected in parallel signal lamps This method is deceiving way to accept as a normal current undervalued No resistors needed
  3. Yeah! Eng print is easy to understand )
  4. Hella 60mm modules high beam + low beam 1KL 998 570-021 1BL 998 570-001
  5. Rear caliper guard from RM-Z450 '07
  6. You can fix OEM relay assy to use with the led turns Very simply solution:
  7. Google Chrome page translator will help you
  8. LED turn signal normal delay mode with OEM turn relay and without parallel resistors Enjoy!)
  9. Universal speed sensor:
  10. For conversion MPH/kmh use program resistor (R69/R70) in dashboard PCB R70 for mph R69 for kmh Have a good day!