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    I live in Florida.
  2. melman


    I used one for years and loved it because it freed up my truck bed for other essentials that I didn't want to or didn't have room for in the cab. I've switched to racing quads and have this carrier in my storage unit. It's in great shape and if you come and get it...it's yours!!
  3. melman

    When do you call it quits?

    It's really cool to hear all the different stories and how we have all been affected by this "addiction" we have to motorsports. I'm 52 years old and have been racing since 1982. I also injured my lower back in 1989 but continue to race today. I found that you have to decide between what you CAN race and what you SHOULD race (or ride). I began racing MX and this is where I fractured my back. I moved to Road Racing and did that until my first (of 2) grandkids was born and decided it was too risky with the speeds involved. I then moved to quads and raced scrambles until last year when I decided I was going to try and race bikes in the scrambles. Bought a nice '06 RM250 (2 stroke) and did 3 club races and 1 GNCC race in which I crashed in ALL 4 races. I just sold the bike and now I am back on quads again. Although my heart wishes I could ride bikes but my brain (and body) tells me 4 wheels are where I belong.
  4. melman

    Reed out for MXdN

    The crash at Millville really messed his head up. (Everyone knows it...they named the jump after him!) He's never been the same and at that level you MUST ride on the edge. It's no different than Nascar or Superbikes. The elite riders/drivers push themselves/equipment to the absolute edge of winning or wrecking. Chad was a great rider in his day, but I think it's time to move a younger, hungrier rider onto his bikes.
  5. 40 minutes...how about 4 minutes! Most of these types couldn't ride a bike at race pace for even that long.
  6. melman

    2003 LTZ400 any problems i should know about?

    I raced LTZ400's from '05 until last year. The '05 to '08 were good but the '09 and newer are preferred because of the fuel injection. The '03 isn't a bad first ATV but needs alot of help to make it competitive for racing. Go on the forum "suzuki central". It's a LTZ forum with alot of great info.
  7. I'm 52 and still racing. It keeps me young and my dream is to have my grandson, some day, race with me! What alot of the younger people forget is that us "old" guys didn't have a choice when choosing which big bike to ride. It was 2 strokes or nothing. I did have a Honda Z50 which was a 4T but anything bigger than 100cc was a 2T. Some of my more memorable bikes were a Indian ME125 and a Puch 175. (yes they had 175cc back then) I just switched from racing quads to bikes and purchased a 2006 RM250 and am loving it! I'm hoping that ALL the manufactuers see that the 2T is gaining popularity and will begin to produce and allow them to race with the 4T.
  8. melman

    rm 250 rear shock rebuild, lost valve shim!

    If it's the stock shock it's not as critical and I personally would reassemble it w/o it. You could contact a shock rebuild company for a replacement, but they will need to know the shim size. If the shock has been re-valved you can contact the person/company who did the work and they should have the spec sheet on your shock (which includes the shim stack configuration) and should be able to sell you the missing shim.
  9. melman

    LTZ 400 reverse without knob

    The reverse rod goes into the motor just behind the shift lever. Chances are the rod has "gunk" built up or the cable is worn or kinked. In either case the rod is not going back to the full seated position.
  10. melman


    I ride a 2006 RM250, race scambles and use the Rekluse EXP. I love it and my left arm doesn't get "pumped" allowing me to ride harder longer. I would recommend riding it before racing as the "free-wheeling" part takes some getting use to. You can change the springs included in the kit to alter this.