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    02-xr250r oil leak

    Thanks that helps a little I wasn't sure if it ran in an oil bath. I'll get a new gasket and see if I can replace that grommet or just make it work. Thanks again.
  2. XR250ERLOG

    02-xr250r oil leak

    I've got an 02 xr250 that just started leaking oil from right around the stator cover. I think it's coming from that rubber grommet that surrounds the stator wires. When I pulled off the stator cover i noticed that it was full of oil. Should the area around the stator be filled with oil? Or is there seal A seal blown behind the flywheel? I always thought that area should be dry because it's like an alternator. If anybody has any insight on this that would be great. Just wanna know if all I have to do is change that rubber seal around the stator wires and put on A new stator cover gasket or whether I have A bigger problem than that? I've got the shop manual for my bike and it doesn't show that there is a crank seal or anything behind the flywheel. If anybody can help that would be great. Thanks.