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  1. So, part of the plug stays attached to the metal bracket Yes got that installed,
  2. Thanks, now how does the plug in release from the little metal bracket thats holding it. Feeling a little ham fisted and afraid to break something
  3. Throttle stop screw changed, pipe insert removed, new GYTR ecu installed, damn !!!! this thing is stout. Still doesnt start right off, but runs like a striped ass ape. Will give it time to break in like Thumper Talk gurus advise and see if that helps. Hopefully that will help finding neutral as well. I think he will be happy. Tuner box for Christmas and should be done. Found a woods map that should suit him. I asked in another thread where the tuner plug was, and someone said in the air box. I do not see it. Im wondering if its one of the capped plugs, { there are 2} that is under the seat that wasnt routed into the airbox when assembled. Thanks everyone
  4. Where is the plug on the the bike for the GYTR tuner.
  5. Picking up new ecu tomorrow, short screw is supposed to come with it. Thanks for the reminder though, at my age, memory is not a strong point.
  6. Ok, i got the bitching out of my system. Coming home present, ecu. Ordered it a couple of days ago, supposed to be here tomorrow. Pulled the throttle stop screw, dang that thing is long. Throttle doesnt seem to snap back very well, is there an adjustment that goes along with taking out the throttle stop. took out peashooter i think.lol Probably going to go ahead and get a tuner for his birthday, One question, when changing the ecu, should i disconnect the battery. Thanks man
  7. Whats pathetic is that you have to. What else is pathetic, is that this is accepted as the " new normal". If they have to restrict it to 50% performance to get it into the country, fine, but they should hand you a screw and an ecu when you buy it. I am in the boat business, maybe i can increase my profits by taking the standard stainless steel prop off of boats and replacing it with a cheap aluminum prop with the wrong pitch. When the customer complains that the boat doesnt perform, i can sell him his prop that he already payed for for 500 dollars. That sound fair ?
  8. like i mentioned, not looking for full race mode, just what was advertised. Will the bike be lean enough to do damage if we go with just the screw and baffle. It is ultimately going to Colorado Springs where he is stationed, and will be riding at anywhere from 4-8 thousand feet
  9. Just bought a new 2012 WR450F, checked the forums for info on derestricting the factory settings. Lots of good info, but i didnt get a concensus on what has to be done. My question is, can i simply replace the throttle stop screw and be done if im not looking to get full race potential. or do i have to buy pipe, ecu, tuner tool etc. to make sure the bike is not running to lean or to rich. Im kind of pissed at the whole situation and dont want to have to spend extra money to get what i paid 7k to get. Thanks in advance for any advice. Let me elaborate. My son is coming home from deployment and he asked me to get his money and go purchase what he had decided on. I kind of feel like Yamaha should be responsible for delivering the bike that they advertise.