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  1. Hello ThumperTalk members! I have been doing a lot of research to weigh in my options. There is so much scattered information about doing conversions to one. The motorcycle was wrecked back in 2006 that destroyed the old front forks. This was my first personal ride I got when I was still a teen. So there is some sentimental value. Its motor has little hours on it. I am planning to do some conversions to it that would make it more suitable for an adult to ride. I had heard from a manufacture that the 230F chassis of that year is identical. I am thinking of putting modified front forks and rear assembly on it. There is a machine shop right up the road too if I need something not typically available. Unfortunately I am still unsure of all the parts that will be needed to do this. There will obviously be a little custom fabrication or machining needed. To be changed.... I am reformulating my list.