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  1. Hcenteno21

    What makes all the noise?

    I agree, I was a bit worried, when I first got my 07, but same exact noise from friends. Mine is more of a piston slap noise.
  2. Hcenteno21

    08 exhaust on 07 y450f questions..

    Thanx finch! My yz450f is def tuned right now. I will look into this one as an upgrade in the near future. How's the size on it? Does it stick out a lot? Thanks.
  3. Hello guys, I know a lot of people don't like the 08 exhaust system, and say it sucks and so on. I can't afford an after market exhaust, but I am getting a really good deal from a friend on the whole 08 system. From what I have read it bolts right in, my question is will I need to rejet? I am coming from 2stroke and really know nothing about 4 strokes, I have just been reading a bit, and was wondering if there is something else I need to know. I am not worried about losing power, as this is too much for me anyhow. I don't race, just cruise, mainly following my son. Thank you for your help.
  4. So I finally got to riding my bike for some time. I rode it today for an hour and some. I am glad to say there is no coolant in the oil. Thanks for all the help guys.
  5. Well he rides quads, but as soon as he got on my bike I knew it was a mistake. Wasn't to friendly with twist throttle, and I told him becareful going up its loose sand, and sure thing a few minutes later i no longer hear my bike, and some how he managed to brake both fenders, and clutch lever. At least he paid for it.
  6. Got everything installed good. My friend asked to go for a ride and he pretty much messed up all my plastics and clutch. At least it doesn't seem like coolant is getting into oil! Thanks guys
  7. How should I go about installing the seals? Should they just slide in? I don't want to damage them. I know the other ones I tore them while removing them...I want to make sure I do it right. Thanks!
  8. Thanks kawamaha. Unfortunately those springs are about 95 bucks. I will keep looking. I may just try that yzf spring, since it's so cheap. I will keep you posted!
  9. So I am 250 without gear, and I am looking for a rear spring for my weight. I was thinking maybe a 5.8kg or something like that...I was reading, that a yamaha yfz450 will work is that so? I found one on eBay pretty cheap and it would be nice to save some $. My bike is an 04 kx250 and the yfz450 is 05 Again Thanks!
  10. Yup the rod was it, i didn't realize it goes in before the little plate. Thank! Thankfully it's not grooved, its pretty smooth. I hope this resolves my problems, I overnighted the parts, will get them friday according to them! Thanks again to all you guys for your awesome and quick help!! Greatly appreciated! Will be back with updates!
  11. this is probably a stupid question...however i am a total noob. I just put all clutch plates back and put the 5 screws back and my clutch cable is completely loose...is this normal...i have everything taken apart but put clutch plates back in. I hope I am making sense.
  12. just ordered oil seals, gaskets and bearing...i hope this is all i need
  13. Man I was hitting check out on ebay then I decided to check here! Thanks! They do have everything in stock!!
  14. Thanks does any one know where to order parts directly? Everyone I call and all websites I have checked have to order from manufacturer and it takes forever. I am trying to find a place that is willing to overnight them i dont mind paying extra. These are the parts i want to order thanks. Part# 11060-1494 Part# 11061-1058 Part# 92022-1380 Part# 92045-1305 Part# 92049-0033 Part# 92049-0034
  15. Obviously I am totally wrong. I took water pump off, gasket is brand new. I also opened the case just to see if i saw anything wrong while i am at it and to replace gasket since if had some silicone on one side. I found a piece of plastic stuck in there! From an old oil plug. Here are some pics, maybe someone can tell me what next step is! My guess would be the water is leaking from the top of the hose? I am not a mechanic, I just have a lot of time in my hands, and would like to save $$ as the only nearby shop charges 95 an hour.