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  1. I call this a kind of review since I am probably one of the least qualified people on this board to do a true suspension review. With that disclaimer here are my thoughts on the suspension work I had done by Warren at Enduro Spec. First, the reason why I wanted to get something done with my suspension. I am about 6'2" 240, I had resprung the stock suspension on my '15 300RR for my weight. This of course made a marked improvement in the suspension. I got along pretty well with the stock suspension for the majority of my riding which is slow trails with lots of rocks of all sizes. Stock the bike handled the rocks pretty well, but I had one major complaint, the forks would dive under hard braking and when going down a steep hill where there was a drop off of 18" or so. I had the funds available and had MX-TECH work on a KTM suspension way back so I went for the cartridges as opposed to a revalve. I supplied my riding style, height weight etc on a sheet and shipped my full suspension off to Enduro Spec. About a week later I had my suspension back and of course then had to wait for the weather to get reasonable to try them out. One thing I was temporarily disappointed about was I did not get the stock cartridges back, but a few weeks later another package arrived with those and some stickers. Now that I have been able to get out and ride again I am very impressed with the forks and the revalve on the shock. I have not touched the clickers, and the only place where the stock suspension felt possibly better is when I don't lift the front as much as I should on a big rock and slam into it hard. For everything else I prefer the Enduro Spec setup and it completely eliminated the diving of the fork. Through rocks they track better and I do not regret my choice at all. An unexpected but welcome improvement, riding seated. I don't like to sit much, and the stock suspension certainly helped with that. I hated how my bike rode through anything moderately rough while seated. With my reworked suspension I can get lazy now and then without the abuse I took before. I can't say how much better or not it is than the work other people do on the stock OC forks, but I know that I am completely satisfied with the work Warren did. I am not in any way affiliated with Enduro Spec but if they wanted to pay for this review with one of the fancy new shocks I wouldn't complain....lol.
  2. WyoDave

    Anyone order from betausa?

    I ordered a seat cover and graphics kit from them on Monday. It shipped yesterday and will be here Friday according to FedEx. I don't know how that compares to speed from dealers, I know that Steve....I forget his screen name and business name ships any parts he has VERY quickly and was great to work with.
  3. I bought an XL and the cheek pads were a bit snug to start, but nothing too bad. My dad liked my helmet so much that he bought one too. His came with different even thicker cheek pads and it was impossible to put on. We took the cheek pads out of both, mine were marked XL while his were marked L/XL. With the cheek pads pulled out the rest of the helmet fit correctly. I don't know how I got lucky, but I am really liking my Airoh.
  4. WyoDave

    300RR Jetting Thread

    I bought the lectron because you aren't supposed to have to adjust it for altitude, and my experience agrees with this. Even though my stock carb was still rich at 4500' there was a dramatic difference between how my bike ran there and at 9500'. I picked up the adjusting tool, but so far I haven't used it yet. I am thinking of going 1/4 turn leaner on the rod and a 1/4 turn richer on the powerjet, just to see how it acts.
  5. WyoDave

    300RR Jetting Thread

    For me getting the lectron was all about altitude changes. I typically ride from 4500 feet to around 10,000. I have really enjoyed it so far. After riding mine a buddy quickly put one on his bike. I didn't ride with the stock carb very much, and the couple rides I did have on it I know it was running RICH, so I can't do any kind of reasonable comparison. I can say I am very happy with it. Only thing I don't like is that the choke is a pain to get to.
  6. I added a left hand rear brake to my bike. When I went to reverse bleed I couldn't get anything to happen and even made a mess when I blew the syringe off trying. I messed around with different things but was finally able to get it working when I pulled the bleed screw all the way out, cleared a bit of what looked like teflon tape from the end and tried again. I don't know why it would block from reverse bleeding when I could bleed the regular way, but whatever was going on I was able to push fluid all the way up to the master cylinder on the bars afterward.
  7. WyoDave

    XTRIG Shock Pre-Load Adjuster on Amazon

    Nice, thank you, that is what I was hoping it would be like. I wasn't sure I was prepared to disassemble my entire shock if I get one.
  8. WyoDave

    XTRIG Shock Pre-Load Adjuster on Amazon

    I saw some shocks need to be taken apart to install the xtrig. Is this the case with Betas?
  9. WyoDave

    Post your Beta video here..

    Lol, bike made it out pretty well, it has a "customized" rear fender now, but nothing too bad.
  10. WyoDave

    Post your Beta video here..

    Yeah, just enough of it to kick him to the side like that. I have changed cameras and will hopefully not miss exciting things like that in the future.
  11. WyoDave

    Post your Beta video here..

    I just need to get my camera aimed higher if he is going to do stunts like that.
  12. WyoDave

    Post your Beta video here..

    Buddy was fine after this spill, but seeing him drop off the edge was a bit startling.
  13. WyoDave

    Most tricked out Beta 250/300rr?

    I saw those the other day, I melted my right side stock protector and am looking to replace them. Any ideas on where to order those here in the US? So far I can't find them for Beta.
  14. WyoDave

    Beta 300 RR 2015

    Only had the bike for just over a week, but loving it so far. Good grunt off the bottom and pulls as much as I can handle.
  15. WyoDave

    Beta 300 RR (2015)


    Only had the bike for just over a week, but loving it so far. Good grunt off the bottom and pulls as much as I can handle.