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  1. whatthe?

    Manashtas fire effecting Taenum?

    The trails in the Tanuem are open, was up there yesterday. Nice day, not many people. The only trails closed are those south of Manastash road. All the trails accessed from Taneum Junction are open. So hoyt, cle elum ridge, fish hook, windy, lighting, little creek, north ridge, ect are all open.
  2. This says it all. "Davidson said closing roads “is not something we want to do. It’s part of (the Forest Service’s) mission. Congress has continued to cut our road maintenance budgets and they expect us to be looking at our road systems and eliminating those we don’t need.” Part of the FS mission is to decrease access and keep people out. What a bunch of clowns. This Davidson lady is equally "liked" by the 4x4 crowd.
  3. whatthe?

    Manashtas fire effecting Taenum?

    Manastash road was open to Buck Meadows. The washout/bridge there has yet to be fixed, although bikers and 4x4 are crossing the creek. The FS put in a temporty bridge last year and then took it out when fire season was over. Having a bridge there won't really give the firefighters more access to the fire. They would get there via shoestring 4x4 trail or from the Naches side connecting with the shoestring area.
  4. whatthe?

    Wasted money?

    I was being sarcastic. I have little faith in the DNR's ability to manage land. They've done a terrible job around here. The majority of their efforts have been to keep the public out. They spend most of their time/resources managing the public.
  5. whatthe?

    Wasted money?

    I didn't think the DNR managed land. They only seem to manage people and access.
  6. whatthe?

    trail and weather conditions -- Taneum?

    I just came out of that area yesterday. Very, very wet with snow up high. Maybe 10 inches in places around windy pass. The trails are a greasy, slick wet mess. If that's your stuff, it would be a blast. Bring rain gear.
  7. whatthe?

    Little Naches Conditions?

    It's very, very wet and muddy. Not much snow left. I just got out of the hills yesterday from that area. Was able to shoot at a lot of movement and bag and skin out a yamaha and a 2 smoke KTM.
  8. whatthe?

    Eastern Washington fires

    No fires burning in Taneum and Manastash. Going up there today for a quick ride. It will be dry, dusty and loose.
  9. whatthe?

    Eastern Washington fires

    They started evacuating Liberty this weekend. The woods north of E-burg are closed to the Naneum state forest/coleman area. I wonder if these fires won't be out till the snow flies. Bummer for sept riding and hunting.