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  1. redwheeliemonster

    Two questions?

    For my linkage I tightened by feel then torqued to 50 lbs which is the same for axles. Does that sound enough? I had already taken it apart and cleaned with sensorkleen. Wasn't nearly as bad as yours. My whole intake has a black oily film over everything. Didnt seem gritty like dust. Dunno. How did the line looks where the filter mates with the lip. Mine has a line where not a speck of dust seems to pass. I think I have a good seal. I am hoping the black film is just oil/grease from from my over oiling. Will put it all back together in the next couple of hours and see if its good? I'll be at an event this Weekend that will have beta Canadas demo team. And apparently they bring there efi tool with them. So hopefully they will hook it up and check it out. Thanks all
  2. redwheeliemonster

    Two questions?

    Ok I've just changed my linkage bearings and according to the torque values in the chart. It is 90 nm this seems hi. Is this the value you guys use? Second question Kran had suggested I take out the throttle body and clean with sensor cleaner. Do I take it all apart or just spray down everything while assembled? Thanks guys
  3. redwheeliemonster

    Mapping revert to stock

    How do I use mass air flow sensor cleaner.?
  4. redwheeliemonster

    2018 corduroy enduro

    Should be some people going from to. I'd ask on the OO forum. I am running novice b. I actually didn't think I was racing this year due to finances but now I'm back in. But will be driving down to race and back home I the evening. 2.5 hour drive. Havent registered yet. Hoping to snag an early row. That may be left open don't want to start on minute 65
  5. redwheeliemonster

    Calabogie Boogie

    Ssshhh don't tell.
  6. redwheeliemonster

    2017 500 RR-S remove cam cover

    Ya I'm guilty of gross negligence! I'm over 150 hours and have no plans of checking valve clearance this season anyway maybe this winter or not. I may be wrong but is the only issue with not shimming the valves hard starting? Stills starts perfect.
  7. redwheeliemonster

    Rear brake part crossover.

    Early Yamaha I believe 05 ish wr450
  8. redwheeliemonster

    Mapping revert to stock

    The only residue I ever have I the arboot is what I believe to be oil or grease getting sucked in.(I hope) I always grease the lip and usually slightly over oil the filter. Guess I will pull it apart when I get a chance.
  9. redwheeliemonster

    2018 corduroy enduro

    Any of you guys racing the cord this year?
  10. redwheeliemonster

    Calabogie Boogie

    Yep the boogie was Awsome. Perfect weather and trail conditions. Saturday was approximately 160km with all options. My only regret was I couldn't go to lunch and get some butter tarts Sunday I got to ride the full loop. Myself and two other chums decided to go ride some extra after wards but got cut short when one guy crashed hard and needed ambulance. I love riding Calabogie! Who is coming out for the Steve garnsey memorial ride?
  11. redwheeliemonster

    Mapping revert to stock

    Hey guys I have a 2015 350rr I had the +300 map programmed last year. But I'm finding this year it has dropped to stock idle. Is it possible for the map to corrupt or revert to stock. I have a very small lithium battery that coupled with the low output charging cuases my battery to die often. Could this affect things. The local dealer is hosting a demo next week and beta Canada will be bringing the programmer so I guess I'll find out then.
  12. redwheeliemonster

    Notching basket

    Oops I mean in gear. Can only start on neutral
  13. redwheeliemonster

    Notching basket

    Better modulation but still cant start in neutral. And heavier pull. I would get the torque drive I assume the inserts are tougher than the basket.
  14. redwheeliemonster

    Notching basket

    Hey guys I'm at about 150 hours now on my my 2015 350rr. Last time I had it apart to install the rekluse core manual I noticed significant notching. What type of clutch abuse causes this. Also I see the torque drive manual is now available for my bike. So I could either buy a new basket or get the torque drive kit with the basket sleeves. Any one else run the torque drive manual?
  15. redwheeliemonster

    Race edition zokes

    Had time to do one fork before being called. Into work:( Oil came out aluminum color. Very grey no visible flakes or chunks of metal though. And the cartridge rod(or whatever it's called.) Looked perfect the finish looked like new still. Will see how the other looks in the morning.