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  1. Deep river off hwy 17
  2. I demoed the 2500xcf and 150xc. The 250 felt very weak. And it all felt wrong. If I had the money for a second bike maybe the 150. Maybe
  3. Ouch! At least it's good know those parts are so readily available
  4. So what was the full list of parts you bought/fixed.
  5. It may be negligent of me but I don't plan to do a top end until there is either significant performance drop or some other symptoms of a toasted top end. My friends ktm 450 had over 2000hours on the clock before the hour meter died and that was 3 years ago. It did die this year but nothing grenaded so we will tear it down and see what it needs. Any bets owners with high engine hours on here? I only have 110 hours on my 350 I'll check the valves this winter and get a new clutch basket.
  6. This is one of the go to places in Canada for alot of parts.
  7. I emailed stillwell performance today regarding suspension work. They said the fox shock is no longer available and the ohlins that replaced it is not available yet. But I would be more than happy with revalved Sachs.
  8. Does it change the feel at the lever or engagement point?
  9. Would this rekluse slave cylinder beneficial to bikes without an auto clutch. And why don't they list it available.?
  10. What bike are you on? Didn't know there was a rekluse slave available
  11. My 15 350 has dragged from new and hasn't changed. 100 hours on the clock. I went to a beta demo ride and tried all the 2016 models and couldn't find neutral on any of them. I also installed a rekluse core manual and it still drags.
  12. My beta dealer is also a husky dealer. And when I asked him to order me a Lithium battery he suggested I buy the oem husky battery. Seems to do the job well. Nice and light doesn't discharge on its own and the price was right.
  13. I guess I didn't finish my thought on the last post. I'm happy with my rear breaks now. And I do not feel like it was something I had to get used too
  14. I got the fasstco clevis and the return spring. Ordered direct from fasstco
  15. Awesome thanks everyone. Glad to hear it should be an easy fix