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  1. Happy Birthday MotoXRacer21!

  2. Hey guys, I just moved to Phoenix from central Illinois.. with the move and starting a new job I have been off the bike for over a month now. When I was riding consistently I was a solid B class rider (by Illinois standards) and I'm looking to hit up my first AZ track within the next week. I am located in central Phoenix pretty close to the Scottsdale area and I know there are multiple tracks within a relatively short distance. I guess I'm looking for recommendations on a good, mellow track I should look into for my first ride out here?
  3. Hey guys, I'm hoping someone on TT can give me some advice as I'd rather take it from another rider than from anyone else. I'm from and currently living in Central Illinois, getting ready to graduate college and move out to Phoenix for an internship. I have been told to start looking for housing in Scottsdale, Tempe, or North Chandler. I'll be looking for a single bedroom apartment or something along those lines, and cost is the main issue. Another big consideration is keeping my babies (KX250f & F4i) safe, so something with storage or the ability to at least bring the dirt bike inside would be a huge plus. I have never been to Phoenix or the west coast in general so I'm not sure what the possibilities and limitations are, I'm basically a clueless Midwestern guy looking for advice, so any information would be greatly appreciated!
  4. I'm getting ready to check the valves on my 09 and after looking up the tolerances I'm mixed up. The tolerances listed on Team Green's website are, intake- .17 - .22 mm exhaust- .10 - .15 mm I also searched some threads on here and found the same numbers, but switched. (intake .10 - .15 mm and exhaust .17 - .22mm) Can anyone set me straight on this?
  5. As recommended by TWMX, I run Motul 5100 in my 09. But I haven't had the chance to pick any up and am due for an oil change. I've got about a half quart of Honda HP4 (the semi-synthetic blend) sitting aroud I'd like to get rid of and wondering if it would be ok to mix the two. They are both 10w-40 JASO T 903 so I assume its ok? I also have some Maxima Extra 4 fully synthetic if that would be better than the HP4. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  6. I'm beginning to think that may be the best option. I would have already rigged up something already but the bike is going up for sale once it is fixed and I want it to look as good as possible.
  7. I've got an 07 250f with a Leo Vince exhaust and last time out the carbon fiber/rubber hanger holding the slip-on broke. The closest thing I have found is the hanger off my F4i's Two Brothers pipe. I could make it fit, but would have to modify it a bit and then of course would be without an exhaust hanger for my street bike. I have tried to find Leo Vince and Two Bros hangers as well as something universal with no luck. As brittle as the carbon fiber gets over time I can't imagine I am the only one this has happened to. Anybody else out there have this problem or have any suggestions?
  8. Thats what I thought, thats how the trans side of the Honda's are set up. Thanks for the info.
  9. Just found a thread about the Extra 4 so that question is answered, just need to know about checking oil level with the Wiseco cover.
  10. After being a long time Honda guy I just picked up an 07 KX250f last week. It has a Wiseco Clutch cover and I'm assuming the bolt on the face of the cover is a weep hole to check the level but wanted to make sure before changing the oil. Is this correct? Also I've got a couple quarts of Maxima Extra 4 15w50 full synthetic laying around from when I had a CRF450, would there be any problem with running the 15w50 in the 250?
  11. I know these kinds of questions have been beat into the ground, but I've searched and searched and can't find any threads addressing my specific question. I ride 100% track, just started racing this past summer and looking to be competitive this coming season. I'm coming off an 04 CRF 450 and am looking to get on a 250. I feel like I would be more comfortable and confident on a 250, as I was always a little timid with the power of the 450. My concern is, I'm 6'1 and about 190 with gear so I know I'm going to be at a disadvantage because of my size. With the prices in my area, I'm most likely looking at an 07, maybe an 08 if I find a killer deal. I know the common pros/cons of each bike, but I'd really like to hear the opinions of some of the taller, bigger racers out there.. as far as what bike feels the most comfortable and which has the best power delivery to lug around a bigger guy.
  12. There is nothing wrong with the internals of the transmission. I can tell from looking at the shift shaft that its bent back enough to rub on the case or that rubber seal. When I try to shift it the shifter sticks, if I move it back down with my hand into the normal position then try to shift up again it shifts fine. Its definitely something rubbing, and it looks like nothing more than the shaft on the case.
  13. I just got my bike back together today after getting SS valves put in and its running great. The problem is it wont shift. The reason I torn it down in the first place was because I hit a tree and ripped pretty much the entire left side of the bike off, and decided I'd do the head work at the same time. If I wiggle the shifter it will shift through all the gears cleanly. I think what happened was that when I hit the tree the shifter hit and pushed the shift shaft back so it rubs on the case now. When I try to shift up the shifter sticks in that position. After two months of having it apart I'm not really looking forward to tearing it back apart, so I've been trying to hit it back straight. Is there any particular way I should hit it or with any particular tool or should I just hammer on it until it clears the case?
  14. I just got my head back today and was putting everything back together tonight and got the head on and was putting on the cam assembly when I noticed that somehow the lines I had drawn on the cam sprocket and the cam chain have both been rubbed off. I turned the motor over before I took it all apart so the cam wasnt in the TDC position so I dont know what position the cam sprocket was in when it came off the chain. How in the world am I going to figure out how it was when it came off so the timing will be right?
  15. Ok I got it off. I didnt do anything different from the first time I tried. I guess I wasnt turning it the right way or this time I just got lucky. I took my head in today so I should be up and running again soon. Thanks for the help.
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