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    Been riding Dirt bikes since I was 13 back in 1971, never been more than a year without some sort of dirt bike, love the tight eastern woods the best and feel the most at home in them, love blasting though trees and rocky tight root infested long uphills. Brown Mountain in N.C. is my main riding area
  1. gilbos440rt

    2007 DRZ400S

    Here's a link to it, really nice looking stuff IMHO. http://www.thumpertalk.com/classifieds/item/619-drz400-plastics-and-tank-set/
  2. gilbos440rt

    2007 DRZ400S

    I found a nice complete set of black plastic with the tank off a 2007 DRZ400S price is right, what I need to know is it will fit a 2002 DRZ400E? Thanks for any and all replies!
  3. gilbos440rt

    New DRZ 400E owner

    Thanks, I've already looked at the covers and they look like a good investment for sure, I ride a lot at Brown Mountain in upstate NC and it's hilly and rocky lol! I'll have to bone up on the coast enrichener had not heard of that before, the WR didn't have that I'm pretty sure. I'm a fair wrench so the kicker will happen I'm pretty sure at some point. The LED taillight stays on the whole time the motors running. Bike seems to be in pretty good shape so I'm hoping it's had a easier life than most of mine have ;-)
  4. gilbos440rt

    New DRZ 400E owner

    I just picked up a fairly nice 2001 DRZ 400E today for $1200 to replace my WR400, I liked the WR but it never felt right to me in tight woods, and I never could get it to idle well and at 55 kicking it got old pretty quick. :-) The DRZ as far as I've been able to read about anyway is a great tight woods bike, I had a 91 DR 350 and totally loved it in the woods, so I'm hoping for more of the same lol. Now the questions I have on the bike till I receive the manual I just bought for it. #1 the headlight bulb is missing, every thing else is there, wonder what bulb it takes? (I trail ride sometimes after dark on the way home so I need to address this first lol) #2 is the led tail also a brake light like the WR's? (no led on the WR but it does have a B/L) #3 idle hangs a bit sometimes when you blip the throttle, revs a little high then settles down, what to check first? (bike hasn't been ridden much lately but fires up very easy) #4 How hard is it to install a kicker on it? Thanks for any input, I look forward to reading the forum and getting to know y'all
  5. I know most people take them off, I'm hoping to pick up one from one of those people, if any one has one drop me a line at gilbos440rt@bellsouth.net I looked for a wanted to buy section but didnt see one, my WR is popping and running real lean without it and just wanted to put one back on till I can do the jetting right so that I wont be afraid to ride it. Thanks in advance Bobby