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    Could stator fry Rectifier/Regulator?

    That's pretty much the chart I followed before ordering the RR. When I installed it I did the free power mod even though the connectors look fine. It still baffles me why the RR died less than 30 miles of riding.
  2. This forum was suggested to help me solve a problem with a new to me 2003 DRZ400S with 3900 miles. The battery was bad when I bought the bike (knew that) so it was replaced. It would charge up in about 30 minutes at 2amps on the chager and not last more than 15. No charge voltage with the bike running so I followed the steps in the manual to diagnose it and found the RR was dead. Ordered a new one and it worked like a champ-for about a day. I was getting a little over 13V at idle and around 14.2 with the engine revved. Took it out for a ride of about 15 miles, stopped for supper then home. Everything worked fine and it was still charging. Friday I get home from work and decide to ride to the local cycle shop and get a few miles from home and the dash shuts off and I head for the house. It finally died on me before getting home and have the wife hook up the trailer and come pick me up. When I start checking it out the RR checks bad again. Getting good resitance and output on the stator coils with no short to ground. All the connections were checked before I installed the RR and nothing looked out of the ordinary. There is a slight discoloraton on a couple of the stator coils but nothing too bad. I've had this bike for a couple of weeks now and ready to hit the trails. We had plans this AM to ride but I had to call off. Better for it to break near home instead of the middle of nowhere. sorry for the crappy cell phone pic