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  1. I need a new radiator cap for my dirtbike and was looking at a couple different options. The first is the Yamaha factory replacement cap...which is what I am currently leaning towards. The second is the CV4 High Pressure Radiator Cap (20 PSI which is equal to 1.4 bar). I know that the factory cap is 1.1 bar and I am wondering if I would run into any issues by using the 1.4 bar cap? Should this cap only be used with an overflow canister or would it be fine to use on the stock coolant system?
  2. So on my 05dirt yz250f I pulled the Carb off to clean it out in an attempt to correct an idling issue(won't idle without choke on unless you continuously blip the throttle...pilot jet was restricted to around 50% flow). So I am going to put the carb back on tonight and try it out. This was a very informative learning experience; however, during one of my "learning lessons"(aka screw ups) I am 100%going confident that the accelerator pump setting has been changed. My question is what is the factory setting for the accelerator pump adjustment screw on an 05 yz250f? I plan on doing a mixture of light trail riding and track riding...I am by no means a speed demon so from the research I have done I believe that a 2 second squirt would suffice. Anyone with more knowledge on this topic please feel free to critique and/or add to this to lead me in the right direction. Thanks
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    Cleaning Carburetor

    I know what you mean about over analyzing. The reason for me cleaning the carb out is because when I kick start it the bike doesn't want to idle. I can slightly throttle it to keep it running but when actually riding it the bike sounds almost like it is missing but more like it is not getting enough fuel. From what I have been reading it is most commonly the jets getting gunked up. The bike had been sitting for a few months before I bought it so this leads me even more to suspect the jets. I understand the concept about not fixing something that isnt broken but I plan on taking this bike to keep in another country where the parts availability is zero so I wanted to replace all the seals in it while I had it apart, so that way hopefully they will hold up longer.
  4. Hi everyone, I just picked up an 05 yz250f. I am going to be taking the carburetor off to thoroughly clean it and I was wondering if TT sells a complete kit for the carburetor with all new seals and gaskets(with manifold gasket)? If not does anyone know of anyone who sells a kit like this? Also if I was to piece the kits together could anyone give me a list of all necessary seals andand gaskets? This is my first time messing with a carburetor but I have been working on cars for years and am mechanically inclined so I don't think this seems too difficult to complete. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I just want to make sure I have all the parts on hand when I go to clean the carb so that way I don't have to miss out riding while I wait for parts to arrive.