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    Ipswich looking for riders out my way
  2. meanxr not sure what your are referring to when you say What position are your bar clamps? They are fixed and i can not change them or move them to the most forward set mounting holes. I am standing in the attack position JLB943 but it just does not feel comfortable all the time, are you using riser on your clamps or just standard mounts?
  3. Cheers all good!
  4. That link doesnt work pal, but i take it they should not be letting out oil
  5. Hi I am a tall lad 6'4 and have a yz450f, i have fitted Fastway footpegs with the low boy mount and am using Renthal rc high bar with a set of bar risers, i just don't seem to be comfortable whilst standing and it feels as though i am not im complete control of the bike. is there anything else i could try to get the feeling right whilst riding.?
  6. Hi all I was at the track today and when bleeding the air from the front forks with the bleeders the was a lot of fluid the seemed to come out with the expelled air, is this normal as i have not witnessed this before.
  7. Hi, just wanting to know if there are any differences, have a chance of some black 09 wheels and want to know if they will fit my 2008.
  8. Hi Guys, I have a 2008 YZ450F and live in Australia, just purchased a FMF Titanium slip on tail pipe and was wonder what the best jetting setup would be for this pipe and bike. Have purchased a 2006 CDi unit to help with bottom end but am fairly new to dirt bikes so any help would be appreciated.
  9. Cool thanks for the heads up, the plan on swapping the stems over sounds quite easy. many thanks
  10. just wanting to know if there is any difference between a 07 and 08 yz450f triple clamp assembly?? mainly the bottom part with the stem attached..
  11. defiantly looks like a 3 not 5
  12. Hi guys, i have just stripped down the rear shock on my 2008 YZ450F, it has a blue spring on it and has Racetech stamped on the spring followed by the number 192190 then lower down but hard to make out the numbers are 622836. Does anybody know what weight spring this is ? i have looked on the Racetech site but nothing matches them numbers. any help would be great.
  13. many thanks for the heads up guys.
  14. how do you mean settings? im after changing the bottom tube with the brake calliper mount on. i have a 450 and have been offered a 250 one, just wanting to know if they are the same part.?
  15. Hi just wanting to know if the front forks on a 2008 YZ250F are the same as the forks on the YZ450F ??