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  1. Scotty MC

    Indicator Trouble

    Thanks Trailryder, They are incandescent. I fit LEDs to my road bike and knew about flasher unit. I have a mate who says that the front and rear flashing out of sync is normal for the XR400. But the front indicators flashing but staying lit post flash, something has to be wrong with that. Cheers Scotty
  2. Scotty MC

    Indicator Trouble

    Gday all, Recently purchased a 96 XR400 and the indicators were either stuffed or missing. I just bought a set of 4 new ones, wired them up and when turning them on the (ie the right side) the rear flashes opposite to the front, and the front indicator light also stays on but flashes. Any ideas on what this could be? The rear does what it is meant to, continuously flashes. Cheers Scotty