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  1. Lived in Clarion when I was a kid, long time ago. Would like to go back someday.
  2. Posted few months back and have since been able to sit on each bike I had thought about. Found DRZ400 after initially getting leg over settles and almost flatfoot it, feels pretty light. DR650 flatfooted it but does feel slightly heavier (which it is). Things to think about: seat seems like would be uncomfortable on DRZ after hour or so while seat on DR feels more comfy (I usually like to go out one day during weekend for 4+ hours, mostly 2 lane blacktop and want to find some trails along the way). Other consideration is weight, if dropped the DRZ would be easier to pick up than the DR. also I have 3 small steps to go up or down in my yard out the gate (currently use a board to go up and down on the FZ6R) not full size steps, maybe 5 inches so either should be able to manage without a board and not damage rims. Other thing though is every once in awhile I may travel freeway for couple hours at 70mph or more and the DR seems would be better at this then again the trail thing the DRZ easier to manuever and easier to pick up front end over obstacles. Still haven't completely ruled out KLX250 and CRF250, sat on both and they seem like they'd be a blast for 2 lane sometimes 50-60mph and trails. Since can't get test rides on any really agonizing over decision as I'd likely have whichever choice I make for at least a few years. I know there's no perfect dualsport and have to make compromizes. Leaning towards DRZ because of lightness and fun factor (the 250's too for fun factor but not so sure about going on a freeway for 2 hours on one) but the DR seems more comfortable for 4+ hours though I don't think I'd enjoy it as much. Want to make a decision soon as it's almost riding weather (I like 50+ degrees LOL). Thoughts for a fairly in shape 50 yr old that's 5ft9in 160lbs rider that used to ride dirt alot when younger that is tired of street bikes?
  3. Unfortunately I have to finance. Will be trading a "sportbike" ('09 FZ6R}, will be taking a big hit because the bike was stolen bit over a year ago, recovered 2 days later but had been lowsided. Replaced front turn signal and brake pedal but didn't replace the scraped up right side fairing so looks kinda ugly. Still owe couple grand on that so not going to really get much if any on trade. May have to keep the thing another year and a half until it's paid off. Nothing mechanically wrong ith it but doesn't feel right knowing some stranger rode it and dumped it. Been wanting to get dual-sport awhile now so since haven't really been riding my current since the theft thought may as well do the switch.
  4. $4100 is hell of a deal.
  5. I'm appreciating the responses. Taking my time with my choice and hearing from those that have owned or ridden these bikes I think is better than looking at specs. Not many dealers around here have demos to test ride so only really get to sit on to see how they feel at a stop, jst to see how the ergos are. Can't get real world feel for the bike so keep chiming in with pros and cons of types of bike I'm looking at.
  6. Originally considered CRF and xt thinking klx seat height too tall but having sat on one now it's in the mix. Briefly thought dr650 but I really don't do much freeway so thinking for 2 lane roads and dirt roads and some trails the 250cc more fun and practical. Once in awhile may have to send an hour or 2 on the freeway but think for those not often occassions I should just suck it up with the less power and getting blown around some. Am I missing any other AFFORDABLE bikes besides those 3? (the drz400 I sat on was high I thought and didn't feel comfortable shifting weight side to side). So what thoughts on each of the aforementioned and any I should look at?
  7. Might have to rethink bit on seat height, sat on klx250 w/ 35" seat height and after initial swinging leg over was quite surprised I could ALMOST flat-foot it. Seat felt like a rock though. Was really pretty comfortable feel shifting weight side to side. The drz400 they had there though was too high and didn't quite feel as comfortable supporting it. So any thouights on the klx250 or others not any taller than that?
  8. 36+ inch seat height though for the wr250, too tall for me. torn between the crf250, xt250 and the dr650. The crf for price and well honda's go forever, the xt for lightness and low seat height and the dr for longer highway going to trails (live in the city and would like to try out trails locally and in ct and ma first then maybe up to nh and me) think the 250's might struggle for 3-4 hours on the highway. decisions decisions
  9. Starting to think maybe the DR650SE, not much more weight than the new Honda 250 not real expensive and easily lowered. Think 250 more fun for wheelies and getting bit of air but I probably shouldn't wheelie at my age LOL (when I was young I'd wheelie the '78 honda 175 all day long and jump crazy long). Been reading the Suzi 650 doesn't wheelie great but pretty decent on trails.
  10. Thinking pretty much that way, most of the dirt would be dirt roads, fire trails etc with some single track but not real gnarly stuff. This is looking more an option than the 250's I was looking at. As for BMW, way over my meager budget. One reason looking at dualsport is cheaper than the sportbike I have and cheaper insurance.
  11. Have been thinking 250 but rethinking it. Want fairly light for commuting in the city and for some trails (not real technical) but can handle couple hours freeway if I have to. I'm 5'9" with about 30" inseam. Most DS seem very tall. Thinking the 250's would be a chore on freeway and maybe one day would like to take a trip on bike to see my brother in PA so looks like need to think bigger displacement. Lowest of the 650's looks like the DR650, thoughts on how heavy will be leaning on left foot at stop signs and lights even on hills? I've been riding cruisers mos of my adult life (I'm 50) but currently own a FZ6R sport type bike but looking now at something I can take off the beaten path of blacktop. Anyone else have the same background of not having ridden dualsports in a long time (like since about 1979 LOL) and have gotten back into it and seeming bit intimidated with how tall they are?
  12. Most of my riding is commuting and 2 lane blacktop w/ speed limits of say 55mph. I go from the cityto the country for my joy riding and see dirt roads and trails along the way. Have taken the FZ6R on couple dirt roads but not fun. Think a 250cc would fit most of my needs as I only ocaasionally hit a slab and for short slab rides seems like would be adequate. So think maybe narrowed down to xt250 or the new crf250.
  13. "S" I believe. Didn't even think to throw a leg over, just looking I could see I'd be leaned way over one footing it. Other thing is now thinking about trying to find used around $1500 USD instead of trading the FZ6R and having 2 bikes but do think I would ride the dual sport more often. I've gone from cruiser to sportbike (sort of) to wanting even lighter and more versatile which equates to more fun to ride (though I remember rding that 175 back in '78 from Dalaas Tx to Austin down I35 and it was a chore.)
  14. Probably hashed out question. Bit about myself then question. 50 years old, 5ft9in 165lbs. Started way back one dualsports yammy 125 then xl?175 (hard to remember that long ago). Then went pure street all these years, few cruisers and as of few years ago FZ6R. Looking to go back to a dual sport but they've changed alot. Live in the city so commuting to work on pot-holed streets, have to ride some highway and or freeway at times but mostly 2 lane country blacktops and want to go on whatever trails I see along the way. Have looked at drz400 and the big 650 thumpers but they are way tall. Thinking maybe xt250 or the new honda 250 but concerned about if I decide to take a longer ride say into NH or ME how those smaller displacement will handle a freeway for 2 hours. so question is 2 part, Will a small displacement handle what I require or will I have to go to one of the giant seats of the 650's? If 250 will do what opinions on best 250 for the job(s)?