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  1. I totally agree with you on the Honda ...they need to get the power up it seems ... I actully almost got the KTM but i got turned off by the dealership bc they didnt wanna give me a good deal. I just got the feing like they were clueless about the bikes themselves...what i mean by that is later down the road if i needed something for my bike they seem like they wouldnt help me much .........Seemed like stuck up pricks lol I got great service at the kawi dealer so thats y i ended up getting yea the kx450f will win this year too .......better bc i got it haha
  2. HAHA yea well some of us still like it .. plus some of the enduro racers still use MX bikes ... wonder why? :thinking: ... Enduro is deff awesome tho
  3. Not sure if this was up yet but I didnt find it .. So yea what manufacture you guys think will win the 2013 450f shoot out? :thinking: In most areas.. as in power handling andreliability? And non of that fanboy crap plz lol ....I personally own a new Kawi but i love the hondas and yamahas also ( owned all 3 and they all awesome in there own ways) So what you guys think?
  4. So guys what do u think are the best looking 2013 kx450f graphics? and where can i buy em? also i wanna put #s on my bike but im not sure how big i should go 5" 6" or 7"? thanks broz :banana: :banana:
  5. WOW this Scares me... i just picked up the kx450f myself couple weeks ago....
  6. yea so i just got my cv4 hour meter in and i watched couple of vids on how to install it on youtube. All the vids iv seen so far have only one wire that they run to the spark plug cap.. mine has that same wire and also has a ground wire... Question 1: do I really need to use the ground wire? 2nd question: So all I do is wrap the plus wire around the sparkplug cap with out splitting the wire and actually connecting it ?? how dos that work? picks up the pulse or something? last question: dos the battery in the hour meter it self ever run out? thanks Bros! :cheers:
  7. Deff jäger bombs befor the moto Lol jk water or juice is good
  8. Yea but wouldn't you lose so much money bc you still owe for last years bike? Lol
  9. I just wonder how these mx guys get new bikes every year..most mx guys/familys seem just like regular middle class people ... I just don't get it... I actually just bought a brand new bike last week and I had to work long hours at the gay strip club to get it!!! Haha Just kiddin I work my long hours at machine shop lol
  10. Kind of a stupid question, but what exactly are MX boots intended to protect you from on the mx track ? Is it for ankle support or what? Like why the heck they gotta be so big and stiff? Lol
  11. Hahahahahah that's awesome!! Does anyone look at you funny??
  12. My 450 never came with built in boots.... Lol but na I never officially raced or anything so I didn't find the need for them ... For me a pair of Red wings did just fine But now since I have a new pair I can see how much better they can be if your comfortable in them.
  13. oh yea 50 degrees is awesome to ride in !! dont worry youll see its not bad at all!
  14. Wow all of you guys gave some great advice!! thanks alot! I cant wait until I feel "naked" with out them! haha!......thanks alot guys I appriciate it!
  15. Hey guys I bought great Fox boots the other day. Iv been riding for years but never with riding boots ... My question is .. How the heck can you guys ride in them ?? I can't feel my shifter or brakes at all ... It effects my riding so much... Iv been trying to ride in them as much as possible but I still can't get used them ..... Any tricks or advice??