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    Countershaft Oil Seal Spacer Stuck!

    SUCCESS !! This is what I did, for future reference for anyone else who may have had an over-zealous previous owner go nuts with the loctite on the front sprocket. After numerous attempts at heating the spacer, trying to loosen the loctite to no avail, I decided to take another approach. I heated the output shaft with my small butane torch, around the lip of the spacer, and in the hole of the shaft. Got it good and hot. Then, I poured some cold water on it to quicken the cool off time, hoping to break the loctite bond that had formed. I did this 3 or 4 times, then heated the edge of the spacer a bit, and poured the cold water on it again, then heated the entire thing again. Got my vice grips which up to now had been unable to budge the spacer, and clamped them on as hard as I could and twisted the spacer! JOY! With some wrangling, I was finally able to twist and pull the spacer off. And as suspected, there was quite a bit of red loctite under there... This was one tough SOB to get off. I had visions of having to split the cases just to get that damn spacer off, but luckily I persisted. Now, to replace the seal - hopefully it goes smoother from now on. And, I'll only be putting a couple of drops of loctite...
  2. trevd

    Countershaft Oil Seal Spacer Stuck!

    I don't want to start cutting unless it's the very last thing to do... I'm going to keep giving it a spray of wd-40 now and then over the next day or so before I can get back at it, then I think I'll take a small torch to it instead of my heat gun and see if more heat will help. Unless anyone has a better idea?
  3. trevd

    Countershaft Oil Seal Spacer Stuck!

    The oil pressure idea wouldn't work I suspect - there's a leak in the seal so the oil will just gush out of there anyway. I've been using a pair of channel lock pliers, and vice grips, but no luck. There's not much to grab onto! I did buy an impact driver specifically to remove the seal retainer bolts, after trying a screwdriver with one of them and having it seemingly melt before my very eyes... That impact driver is wonderful though! Should have bought one years ago! Already have a new spacer - just need to get this damn one off! I have picked out a lot of loctite from in front of the spacer, but could probably do more. I was heating it with my heat gun that goes up to 550F apparently - not sure if maybe I should get a torch that's hotter? Should I be worried about too much heat causing any damage in that area? I have a new seal, and a new o-ring, so maybe nothing to worry about?
  4. So, I'm trying to replace the leaking oil seal behind my countershaft sprocket, and am having an "issue". The previous owner, obviously afraid of his sprocket coming loose and damaging the seal, must have slathered so much red loctite on the works that my spacer now appears to be welded on. From what I've been reading, it should come off pretty easily. Not mine! And there was red loctite everywhere... I had to use a puller to remove the sprocket. Any ideas on how to do remove that spacer? I heated it with a heat gun, but maybe not enough? I'm afraid to damage something by heating it too much... Trevor