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  1. 2008 xt250

    2008 and newer Yamaha xt250 discussion thread.

    ordered the 16 tooth sprocket and got it in 2 days, fits perfect. Took it for a ride and matched it with my gps, the speedometer is only 2 1/2 to 3 mph off now compared to 8 with stock sprocket. I can live with that. Works great, don't even notice the higher gear riding on the highway top speed seems to be (according to the gps) 72 mph which is plenty fast enough for me. I was on a clear back road here where I live to check. Thanks for all the help.
  2. 2008 xt250

    2008 and newer Yamaha xt250 discussion thread.

    have a 2008 XT250 and have been looking for a 16 tooth sprocket for the front or a 45 for the rear, anybody know where I can get either? Have tried several shops with no luck. I had the front wheel wobble also but when I got new tires and went to put them on I found the rim strap (from the factory) stuck between the rim and tire. Don't know if the had anything to do with the wobble but the new tires made a new bike out of the XT.