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  1. I have a 1994 XR650L and am looking for a newer XR650 tail light. My question is are all year XR650 rear fenders interchangeable? I have found a deal locally on one from a 2000 or 2001 and wondered if it would fit.
  2. Right now I'm running a k&n filter but have seen that some think that's not such a good idea so I might be switching to a foam filter. Not sure though as I haven't done enough research yet.
  3. Alright everyone I spent the morning rebuilding the carb and performing the Dave's mods tricks after I installed the smog delete kit and ohhhhbhh man what a difference! My bike as it sits has a Supertrapp slip on, snorkel delete, Dave's mods on the carb with 155 & 55 jets installed & IMS smog delete kit. The throttle response is incredible and the lower end power that didn't exist before is great. If any of you have a XR650 you NEED to make these mods. For less than $50 bucks you will more than glad you did these mods. Youtube has great videos on the IMS kit and there are great online instructions for the Dave's mods tricks and all can be done in less than 2 hours if you have the skills and a basic set of tools. Now I just hope my stalling issue doesn't come back.
  4. I installed the IMS Baja kit tonight and now have a new problem. If I give it anymore than a quarter to half throttle it starts to sputter. It also is hard to start. It will sputter after 10 to 20 seconds of constantly pushing the start button then eventually start. it will idle ok but not the best. With the IMS kit did I need to re-jet the carb? I was hoping to wait and do that after I removed the snorkel and a few other mods. Let me know because I'm beginning to really regret the purchase of this bike. I'd like to ride it more than look at it sitting in the garage. Thanks for any help you guys can provide.
  5. Alright everyone I just bought a used 94 xr650l that ran ok when I bought it but its been running ok periodically for the last few weeks. I bought the IMS smog block off kit and am thinking of removing the snorkel while I have it torn apart. My question is what jetting should be used on a smog less bike, no snorkel and a slip on Supertrapp muffler? Does anyone have any suggestions?
  6. gy67

    XR650L trouble

    Alright guys I'm new to the site and honestly don't mean to double post but I'm having serious trouble with my bike to the point I'd don't want to ride it any longer. I've posted this question elsewhere on this site but think I put it in the wrong area so I'm hoping I can get some help here. My bike is a 1994 XR650L that has been stalling while cruising down the under constant even throttle. It always starts right back up as long as I use the electric start. I can't pull in te clutch and release it and let the rotation of the tire start it up again. It started happening after I filled the tank the first time after i bought it. I've tried all different types of fuel, different octanes with it happening with all choices. It would only happen a couple maybe 3 times either the same day I filled the bike with gas or the following day depending on how much I rode it after I filled it up. Now this week at a half a tank it stalled on me 5 times in a matter of 2 or 3 min. Luckily I was close to home when it happened so I just took it home shut it off and there it sits today. Now the weird thing that also happened that same day was my turn signals quit that day but just a minute or two before it started stalling that day the turn signals started working again. It was after that that the bike stalled 5 times close to home. The bike itself is stock as far as I know other than a Supertrap muffler and a k&n air filter. It has the smog equipment on the side of the engine still but I don't see a charcoal canister like what's on the newer XR's. I hope this make sense as I would love to fix this thing and be able to start trusting this thing again to get me back and forth to work. Hope there's somebody out there that can give some advise. Thanks everyone.
  7. Ok guys after being out of town the last few days I finally got home to read any responses. I do still have the smog equipment on the side of the engine but don't see a charcoal canister. A new problem happened 2 days ago with about half a tank of fuel though that I'm not sure is connected or just another problem. I was riding down the street and the turn signals quit working. After reaching my destination and than leaving to go home the signals still didn't work. After 10 mins of street riding the signals worked again than it started its stalling like explained in my original post above. Has anyone had anything similar to this with their old XR? It's sitting at home now as I just don't trust it any longer. Let me know if anyone has any advise. Thanks guys
  8. Hey guys I'm new to the forum and semi-new to dirt bikes. I bought this bike 2 months ago and so far have loved riding it to work. My problem is the bike over all runs good but after I fill the tank with fuel I deal with the bike suddenly stalling while riding down the road for a few miles after its been filled. It happens during acceleration, during steady throttle on a long stretch of road or while light to no throttle during a turn. I have to hit the electric start to get the bike started again while I pull in the clutch. I can't pull in the clutch and let it out and use the momentum of the bike to start itself I have to use the electric start. It always starts right back up while coasting with the electric start but I'm getting tired of the sudden stalling while riding it after I fill it up, my blood pressure can't take much more of it. The bike has a Supertrap muffler, K&N air filter but other than that it stock, it also still has the smog equipment on it as well. The guy I bought it from said he's known this bike since new and it had always been taken care of. Who knows if thats true or not but it is in decent shape for its age. Anyone have any advise?
  9. Hey guys. New guy here from NE Iowa. After riding motorcycles on and off road as a kid and riding quads for the last 10 years I finally decided to do the right thing (at age 41 no less) and get my motorcycle lic. instead of riding like I did in my youth with out a lic. on the road. I am wanting a dual sport (name brand unimportant to me) bike and I'm thinking I'd like a 400 cc or larger as I may have to ride on the interestate (65 mph or faster for 60 min or longer) at times to get to trails I'd like to ride or visit family without getting my pick up out to make the drive. Would I be correct in thinking that a 400 or larger dual sport is the way to go? Now the tricky part, with 2 boys and all the things they require at 11 and 14 years of age my wife has put a limit of $1,500 bucks on this bike. Is this a hoop dream or can I actually find a decent bike in the price range? All I see when there is one up for sale are 200 or 250's. Although I'm sure they're good bikes I just have concerns about jumping on it and driving down the interstate at speed and expecting it to not blow up. My wife has been looking at Harley's and Metric Cruisers for me to buy but as of right now that's just not really my style. I can respect them for what they are I just can't picture myself on that style of bike yet plus I don't think I'd find one that I would trust for the amount she want's me to spend. Any recommendations for 6'2 260 lbs guy? Any other Iowa guys on here? Anyone have anything for sale?