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  1. I havr a 91 xr250l and was wondering if a 96 cdi box will work for it as I can't find one
  2. According to wiki I'm 217ft above sea level any input would be appreciated
  3. I have a 91 xr 250l and plan on putting aftermarket exhaust and air filter on it what would be a good jet setting for this bike( I also live in northern new England if it helps)
  4. Got battery in just gonna adjust valves. Before try to start it
  5. A kick start lever is first thing I'm gonna get besides manual and gas isn't that old less then month
  6. Have baTtery charged haven't installed it yet cause I'm not home. I'm also confused on jets cause I was tould to turn it out 2 1/4. And what about the ear. Is it better to remove or should I just turn it out as far as it will go.
  7. And what are tHe carb settings on this bike besides the jets ie. The ear on front and what not( I don't have manual nor do I have money for one)
  8. That's good bout compression and I have a brand new batteRy in it (was running b4 without one ill have to fully charge it and see if that helps.
  9. In 1st gear its very hard to turn back tire but in 6th its easy (can do it w one hand does this sound like low compression.
  10. I have a 91 xr250l that I got off b.I.l I've driven bike b4 so I know it runs. The first day I got. It I got a backfire out of it and nothing since. I know when I rode it beforE had to keep. Hitting throttle to get it to run or would die after it idled a lil bit. I've flushed. Tank out new gas took carb apart cleaned jets out (put pilot 2 1/4 out and I have main jet 1 turn out as didn't know if would help) I checked resistance on coil and ignition pulse and both speced out fine.I'm going to adjust valves this weekend (got 007 on exhaust and couldn't realy get feeler gauge to do intake). It has a battery and I have to bump start it cause doesn't have kick start lever. I've also disengaged decomp cable. Right now I have it on some steel truck rims so can move tire to rotate piston (which is very difficult so kno has compression. Any help will be greatful thanx. And has new spark plug and cut lil off spark wire
  11. Is there any way to check the valves without a kick start to get pistoN to tdc
  12. Took carb off and adjusted pilot jet 2 1/4 out and still nothing next I'm going to adjust valves (whenever I get kick starter) I'm thinking its the valves or ignition cause I sprayed starting fluid in spark plug hole and it didn't do anything. Any suggestions
  13. I didn't take float out just sprayed around it and took Jets out. Good info with pilot jet as I screwed it all the way in what about main jet and any other carb specs I need to know about.
  14. I checked the resistances I mentioned above and there all within spec here's what I got primary coil .3,secondary With boot on 7.88k,secondAry with boot off 2.91k anD pulse generator was 477. I'm stumped at what it could be. What's the resIstance on cdi
  15. I've Come across the resistance for a 95 xr250l which should b same as mine cause they didn't change it til 96 heres what I found: "Primary Coil Resistance: Standard: 0.1 - 0.3 ohm (20C/68F) (That last bit is temperature.) p. 14-6 Disconnect the spark plug cap from the plug and measure the secondary resistance between the plug cap and Green terminal. Standard: 6.5 - 10.0 K ohm (20C/68F) If the resistance is out of range, remove the spark plug cap and measure the secondary coil resistance between the spark plug wire and Green terminal. Standard: 2.5 - 3.5 K ohm (20C/68F) Ignition Pulse Generator Measure the resistance between the Blue/Yellow and Green terminals. Terminal: Blue/Yellow - Green Standard: 460 - 580 ohm (20C/68F) " Only question I have is the resistance for the primary coil I go across the two terminals on top the coil