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    Ladies, I could use your help with a survey...

    1 in 17 years. Knock on wood... for speeding. Female cop. All others were males and I cried. I knew I wasn't getting out of this one.
  2. neighborchick

    Rode Kennedy Meadows

    Thanks so much Leadfoot! The trails on the cliffside are actually not much wider than the tire. We had about 6 inches to the side of us to spare. My husband is afraid of heights and he had a couple panic attacks but he did the ride anyway. I hope to post some more videos soon. We are doing the Bishop ride in a couple weeks. Cheers!
  3. neighborchick

    Rode Kennedy Meadows

    You are right! It was one of the most beautiful places I've been camping and riding. And yes, it was scary on the edge but now that I'm home I am craving more and want to go back ASAP! Thank you.
  4. Just got back and we loved it up there. Will be going back in June or July. This place was amazing. The trails, the weather, the scenic beauty. If you haven't been, it's a must visit place! The General Store was a perfect spot for a Patty Melt and a cold drink. Cheers!
  5. neighborchick

    Rode Kennedy Meadows

    Hello Everyone, I'm brand new to Thumper Talk. I ride a CRF-230L The past few days we rode trail after trail up in Kern Plateau near Kennedy Meadows off the 395 and 108 in the Sequoia National Forest. It was beautiful, weather was perfect, and there are endless options for trails of all levels. It was my first experience with single track and probably some of the toughest trails I've done. Literally riding on the edge of cliffs on some of the trails. I uploaded a couple videos: Anyone doing the D37 Bishop 3 day ride next month? Cheers, Autumn-