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  1. I've tried about 1.5 turns out to 2.5. Since the bike dies under a certain engine speed, the idle is all the way up lol. But it hasn't made a difference. Might have to try that. And I've tried 2 used pilot jets and one brand new one. I will try copper wire. Thank you!
  2. Hey everybody. Ill give you all the full history of the story that is my 1996 xr600. So, the bike, when I bought it living in phoenix had a 65 slow jet and stock main. Needle at 3rd clip. It worked great for phoenix! I moved up to durango colorado (1000' vs 7000' elevation) and I definitely felt the difference when I moved up here, but it honestly ran just fine. I had a choke plate failure wherein it got sucked into the intake and thus the cylinder. That being the case, I didbsome upgrades to the tube of a 98mm 10.5:1 piston and a hotcam. I kept those jets in to see how they did on the new setup. Long story short, i went to 62/148 and it ran a lot better. So last October I had a trip planned down in Rocky Point, Mexixo at sea level. So I put those jets back in, the stock main and 65 pilot. I must have goofed though because the bike ran semi decently with that set up before at 7000' but after swapping the jets, it won't stay running under about 2000rpm it just slows down and dies. So the whole mexico trip didnt work out. I'm back in colorado with the 62/148 set up and in still having issues. Im guessing I'm overlooking something stupid. The bike starts really easily (1 or 2 kicks cold, just need a little throttle) but no low end or idle ability. Once you get to the mid to high rpms, all the power is definitely there. Just nothing for my slow speed circuit. Any ideas y'all? Thanks
  3. cfost

    NewMexico Four corners area

    Im newish to the area and am looking for people to ride with. I ride dual spirt/ trails. Anyone want to ride?
  4. cfost

    Colorado Four corners

    Hey im newish to tge 4 corners area and need people to ride with. I dual spirt and trailride. Im in durango but dont mubd drivibg a bit to ride
  5. cfost

    White smoke at header

    Thanks for the suggestion. Thats actually what i was thinking too, so i have already pulled that gasket, xleaned the surfaces and i sprayed the existing gasket with that copper gasket sealer stuff. Do you think it would be worth buying a new gasket and,doing,that,project again?
  6. cfost

    White smoke at header

    Hey, all. I have a 96 600r. Recently the left side header started to produce some white smoke. I pulled the header and looked inside the exhaust outlet and the valves looked fine from what i could tell. I threw the header back on, thinking perhaps oil was just leaking from someqhere onto the header. Found out that aint the case. Now both are smoking. It is not really a heavy amounf of smoke, but its definitely noticable. Could i be super lucky and only need exhaust gaskets or something? Or does this sound like top end work? Thanks all
  7. cfost

    New to Phonix Area....Looking for riding suggestions

    Im in Gilbert too. If you ever want,to ride, let me know. Those places you mentioned are all fun. Queen valley also has some good stuff. I need to find more places. I dual sport and,a,lot,of the time im able to just find fun shit to ride right in the valley (even though its mostly illegal) But yeah let me know if you want somebody to ride with.
  8. Hey guys. Hope this is in the right forum. Anyway, im in the east valley and i have a couple,of dudes i dual sport with. We are all on xrs. Me on a 6 and theres a 4 and a 2. I know the 2 is small haha. Anyway, if anybody wants to ride around like a bat outta hell, let me know. Im not good at wheelies yet.
  9. Thanks for all the replies. Im looking at it today.
  10. Hey guys. Im still in the process of getting a bike. I used to ride a lot when i was younger (1988 PW80!) but my family stopped when my parents got divorced. My mom got married to a quad guy and so they got me a quad. The thing is... i really hate quads. Anyway. Im looking at a 1983 xr500. Can a bike this old still be a good bike to get? Can they still take a beating? Im not really a balls-to-the-wall kind of guy, so i dont need the best bike around. Thanks!
  11. Hey everybody. I have been wanting a dirtbike for way too long and i think i might have found one. i want to go look at it, but before i do, is there anything i should know about the 96 400's? I am looking to do mostly trail use and i want to put a dual sport kit on it to connect trails. Here is a link...http://phoenix.craigslist.org/wvl/mcy/3273816777.html Looks are not a concern for me, as long as it runs great, it's ok for me. So are there any mechanical issues to look for with these ones? What should i look at when i go check it out? Thanks a lot! I'll let everybody know if i end up getting it.