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    Nickname is Twitchy. Tourette's Syndrome doesn't stop me from riding!
  1. Didn't realize I posted the same pic twice.
  2. Just got mine..
  3. Yes...who is this man..
  4. <3
  5. LOL love it!
  6. Wish I would've had my dslr with me.
  7. I love my knobbies!
  8. Only problem here is I'm on the drz so the 100 gets shown off
  9. Is there a company that prints off graphic kits that you make? I've been wanting too.
  10. That is a nice tree
  11. Took my Z offroad yesterday. handled amazingly with the tires!!
  12. Ryan!! Dude what's up its Johanna!! Hahaha
  13. Thanks!
  14. I've got the knobbies on (shinko 244s) I love them!
  15. What kind of tires are you running?