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  1. So, took a while to get back here because the dealer didn't have and it took a while to get from thumpertalk store. But the relay got replaced, and all is well. When it was down it got a new back tire and some other maintenance so she's happy right now! Thanks guys for leading me in the right direction!
  2. it kind of seemed to just stall, it will do that occasionally when its warm and i'm at lower rpm's. i was just putting through woods slow in 2nd gear, i think i pulled in the clutch because i was going into a corner and it died when i pulled in the clutch. like i said, normal to me, until it wouldn't restart
  3. yes good point, haven't thought about that. So is there something else I should check as well?
  4. just looked up a new in the parts fiche, damn...$80???
  5. I work second shift so I couldn't test anything on the bike, but I took the relay to work with me to test. I have a power supply here and ohm meter so I just put 12v to the relay and measured the resistance and got nothing, no click from the relay when power is put to it. According to the clymer manual that means the relay is bad, agreed?
  6. So I jumped the relay, starter turned. Awesome! So that means the starter is good, I don't have time today but I'll try to get the relay out and test like the clymer manual says to. Or should I just order a new relay?
  7. yeah checked the fuse, looked good, changed it just in case, still nothing
  8. so I was in the woods not riding hard or anything, and the bike just died out of nowhere. The fan ran for about 10 seconds then shut off. Tried to restart, nothing, not even the starter spinning. Tried again, nothing. So I pull the seat and number panels and start looking for anything obvious, nothing I can see. When I turn the key on I get all lights and turn signals and horn, no problems. End up stashing the bike in the woods and walking a few miles for service and get a ride home, get the truck and go pick it up. Get it home and start to look deeper, plugged the bike into the tender as well. Battery is good. Take the headlight off and start looking at the loom behind there to see if a wire got pinched by the steering stop, nothing. Looked for worn wires and things like that, the bike has 24k on it so totally possible, nothing. But I did find that when I hit the starter button it makes a single click sound, listened and narrowed it down to the turn signal relay making the noise. The blinkers work like normal, so I don't think that has anything to do with it. The side stand safety switch and clutch safety switch have been removed for at least the past 14k miles so they aren't the issue, I checked the wiring to make sure the wires didn't come apart. I was thinking it was maybe the right hand control on the bars, with the starter button and kill switch. But I don't think its that either because the kill switch works still, the click sound doesn't happen if you have it in the not running position. So my next thought was neutral safety switch, and that's about where I'm at now. So, am I headed down the right path here? Is there any way to check it? Should I just replace it? Am I totally off in left field? Thanks
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    3x3, mrd, fcr 39, CW 434 kit, E cams
    3x3, mrd, fcr 39, CW 434 kit, E cams
  10. Thanks for the replies guys. It will mostly be in dirt trim now, I have an 1150gs for road stuff, so unless I'm riding with other sumo guys I'll most likely keep the dirt wheels on. This is my first bike with knobbies on it so I'm not going to be doing anything crazy technical so I think 14-44 will be good
  11. okay I was thinking I'd be fine with just adjusting the rear adjusters, thanks wisconsinite!
  12. I don't post much on here, more on supermotojunkie and advrider, but I know this section has some pretty knowledgeable people with drz's so figured I'd ask here. I finally got a dirt setup for my sm, it came with a 44 tooth on those wheels. My sprockets are in need of being replaced anyways so I picked up a 14 for dirt mode and a new 15 for sm mode. I was thinking 15-43 for sm and 14-44 for dirt, could I run the same chain with both set-ups? And what length chain? I was thinking around 110 link?
  13. Bump. Any suggestions guys?
  14. Haven't used the choke at all, I've had it for maybe 2 weeks so it really hasn't been cold at all. As for the o-ring mod, i do believe Eddie does this when he sends them out.