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  1. Hi all, this is my first ThumperTalk post in awhile on here... So, Last night, I thought of how long some of these guys have been racing professionally and how deep was the field the year they all went pro was and I just wanted to make this list of rookie sensations of motocross/supercross that came up through the amateur ranks and what year they went pro rather it was on their own dime after Loretta Lynn's and other Amateur events or on a team contract basis. (**European riders not included on this list since they usually have turned pro a few seasons prior to coming over to race in the U.S.) (Maybe missing a few names) 2000- Travis Pastrana (SX), Billy Payne (SX), Tyson Hadsell (SX), Mike Corder, Ivan Tedesco (MX) 2001- Andrew Short, Michael Blose, Chase Reed, Troy Adams (all MX) 2002- James Stewart (SX), Billy Laninovich (SX), Josh Hansen (MX), Ryan Mills (MX), Ryan Morais (SX), Justin Brayton (MX) 2003- Broc Hepler, Brian Gray, Richie Owens, Bobby Kiniry, Shane Lusk (all MX except Lusk) 2004- Davi Millsaps, Mike Alessi, Josh Grant, Kyle Chisholm, Ryan Sipes, Tommy Hahn, Matt Goerke (all MX except Millsaps) 2005- Ryan Villopoto, Jason "J-Law" Lawrence, Josh Litchle (RIP) (all MX) 2006- Ryan Dungey, Zach Osborne, Marty Davalos, Broc Tickle, Michael Lapaglia, Jimmy Albertson (all MX except Lapaglia and Davalos) 2007- Trey Canard, Nico Izzi, Kyle Cunningham, Austin Stroupe, Wil Hahn, Matt Lemoine, Cody Gilmore (all MX except Lemoine and Cunningham) 2008- Pj Larsen, Alex Martin, Blake Wharton, Hunter Hewitt, Sean Borkenhagen, Scott Champion (all MX) 2009- Justin Barcia, Darryn Durham, Christian Craig, Jimmy Decotis, Cole Seely, Weston Peick, Blake Baggett, Les Smith, Taylor Futrell (all MX except Durham) 2010- Dean Wilson, Eli Tomac, Ian Trettel, Dakota Tedder 2011- Jason Anderson (SX), Kyle Peters (MX), Tyler Sjoberg (SX), Justin Bogle (MX), Gannon Audette (SX), Lance Vincent (SX), Shawn Rife (SX) 2012- Zach Bell (MX), Jessy Nelson (MX), Jesse Wentland (MX), Jacob Hayes (MX), Dillan Epstein (MX), Gavin Faith (SX), Justin Starling (SX) 2013- Joey Savatgy (SX), Adam Cianciarulo, Cooper Webb, Brady Kiesel, Matt Bisceglia, Shane McElrath, Mitchell Oldenburg (all MX except Savatgy) 2014- Jace Owen, Chris Alldredge , Rj Hampshire, Luke Renzland (all MX except Owen) 2015- Aaron Plessinger, Colt Nichols, Alex Frye (all SX except Frye) 2016- Bradley Taft, Tristian Charbonneau (all MX) 2017- Chase Sexton, Cameron McAdoo (both SX), Joey Crown, Sean Cantrell (MX) 2018- Justin Cooper, Garrett Marchbanks, Enzo Lopes, Mitchell Falk (all MX) feel free to add more names you guys, if you see any missing info... and no I did not use any Racer X sites during the making of this except at the end for the new youngsters!!!
  2. tj306mx

    Excel A60 MX Rim

    black rims, self explanatory!
  3. tj306mx

    EBC MXS Series Race Sintered Brake Pads

    I have used EBC for a long time for brake accessories and pads and this is one product that I totally trust.
  4. tj306mx

    Moose Racing Stainless Steel Braided Brake Line

    Holds up well and looks like any other brake line would.
  5. tj306mx

    K&N Engineering Oil Filter

    Haven't put this piece in the bike yet, but it sure looks good. I hope it's as good as the stainless oil filters are.
  6. tj306mx

    Dunlop Tires MX 32

    The Dunlop MX32 is the tire of choice for me and I'm sure several of others including the sports top riders. These tires have great wear and have a great compound to them. Love the look of them as well!
  7. tj306mx

    Tusk Fuel Mixture Screw

    Good little part for bikes with carburetors and what not. Just give the fuel-mixture screw a turn and it runs good!
  8. tj306mx

    Kibblewhite Precision Exhaust Valve

    As I said before, these valves can't be beat if you're looking for a reliable motor.
  9. tj306mx

    Kibblewhite Precision Intake Valve

    Great valves, very rarely have to be adjusted after riding for so many hours.
  10. tj306mx

    Boyesen Factory Clutch Cover

    Love the little trick bits that dirtbikes have, and the Boyesen clutch cover is one of them as it freshens up the old clutch cover that was on the bike!
  11. tj306mx

    FMF Racing Factory 4.1 RCT Full System

    The FMF 4.1 full exhaust helped alot on the bottom end/mid-range of the hp spectrum, but the top end kind of stayed the same. Overall good pick up for the money.
  12. tj306mx

    J.E. Pistons Piston Kit

    Haven't ridden my race bike with the new motor build yet, so I can't really comment on this yet!
  13. tj306mx

    FMF Racing Factory 4.1 Complete System

    The FMF 4.1 added a great boost of power on the bottom end spectrum of the powerband, although it didn't add that much to the top on this bike since it has a slightly diff motor from the 06 RMZ.
  14. tj306mx

    No Toil Dual Stage Foam Air Filter

    Got to have a clean air filter to run in these race bikes especially a 250 four stroke like I have and I chose No Toil for their amazing product and customer service.
  15. tj306mx

    Renthal SX Crossbar Pad

    Love all the colors you have to choose from Renthal when it comes to the crossbar pad. I always use a Red one on my Suzuki.