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    black rims, self explanatory!
    I have used EBC for a long time for brake accessories and pads and this is one product that I totally trust.
    Holds up well and looks like any other brake line would.
    Haven't put this piece in the bike yet, but it sure looks good. I hope it's as good as the stainless oil filters are.
    The Dunlop MX32 is the tire of choice for me and I'm sure several of others including the sports top riders. These tires have great wear and have a great compound to them. Love the look of them as well!
    Good little part for bikes with carburetors and what not. Just give the fuel-mixture screw a turn and it runs good!
    As I said before, these valves can't be beat if you're looking for a reliable motor.
    Great valves, very rarely have to be adjusted after riding for so many hours.
    Love the little trick bits that dirtbikes have, and the Boyesen clutch cover is one of them as it freshens up the old clutch cover that was on the bike!
    The FMF 4.1 full exhaust helped alot on the bottom end/mid-range of the hp spectrum, but the top end kind of stayed the same. Overall good pick up for the money.
    Haven't ridden my race bike with the new motor build yet, so I can't really comment on this yet!
    The FMF 4.1 added a great boost of power on the bottom end spectrum of the powerband, although it didn't add that much to the top on this bike since it has a slightly diff motor from the 06 RMZ.
    Got to have a clean air filter to run in these race bikes especially a 250 four stroke like I have and I chose No Toil for their amazing product and customer service.
    Love all the colors you have to choose from Renthal when it comes to the crossbar pad. I always use a Red one on my Suzuki.
    Great grips, always have ran the half waffle grips with the exception of a few times.