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  1. Hey guys this is the latest GoPro vid from the BSDBC. Just cruising around the Prez's back yard track. Link to our FB page for anyone interested about our club. https://www.facebook.com/BSDBC
  2. djniko99

    Supercross from ATL! Dirt Shark.

    Unfortunately I did too! His Vids are usually mint. Lots of fast forwarding.
  3. no my girlfriends father is not Marco from Tropoja!

  4. djniko99

    Another Winter Race - Ice and Mud!

    I started following your vids on Youtube months ago, good to see you on thumpertalk.
  5. Creeper has this video on repeat at all times!
  6. Once again the BSDBC (Barking Spiders Dirt Bike Club) is up to their old antics. Tooling around Hells Gates (home made track). Enjoy. Positive comments are welcome, negative comments will be strongly scrutinized lol. Also the R.I.P. Dice is a joke... he is not dead. -VP Slick facebook.com/BSDBC WATCH IN 1080p HIGH DEF!!!!!!!!
  7. Thanks for checking it out. We bought our bikes within a month of each other. Craigslist specials, between 2007-2003. We ride on a friends property in NJ. He does construction, needless to say we have use of some very serious heavy equipment for trail grooming. Thankfully we keep our bikes on his property, so there's no need to trailer.... just gas and GOOOOOOO.
  8. lol turned out to be maaaaaaaaad deeeeeeeep
  9. Thanks everybody for the positive comments. We actually all took off our goggles once we started shooting at that location. There are no straggling branches, and we rode with decent separation to avoid roost. In the last vid we shot, we had some GoPros! Being edited currently... we should have it done in a few days. As for the goon comment, I'm pretty sure I made it clear we were newbs.
  10. We are a close group of friends, and we finally all bought dirt bikes..... after talking about it for years! Here is our first vid (obviously not too crazy) but we're having a blast. More vids to come, we had another shoot on Sunday. Check out our Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/BSDBC Enjoy the Vid! http://vimeo.com/51325390#at=0
  11. Vid is sick! Dubstep in a dirt bike video=gangsta. Now you have to help me convince my boy that has 35 acres to put his dozer to work!!!!
  12. no problem starting at all (fingers crossed). Thanks for the info guys, I'll ride it out and see what happens.
  13. It's weird I have a 07 yz250f and it starts and runs fine. I do feel less pressure in the kick though. Checked the air filter it's fine. I'm stumped.